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Yoga is so amazing for your mind, body, and soul. One thing I get asked often is "what equipment do I need to do yoga?". If you are worried about the money, you truly do not need anything to start a yoga practice. Do it on something soft, like carpet or a beach towel. Yoga is something that you truly don't need equipment. There are a few equipment that makes yoga comfortable...

Yoga Mats: If you are looking to get yoga equipment, you will need a good mat. Avoid getting the cheap mats  as  they are toxic to you and they are awful for the environment. Think about what your needs are.

Will you be traveling with this mat? If so, you might want to choose a lighter mat. (Check out Lululemon's The Pure Mat ~ $48)
Do you have knee or wrist issues? If so, look into a thicker or denser mat. (Check out the Manduka mats. PRO and PROlite mats are great for this! ~ $78-100)
Are you the kind of person that gets easily distracted? If so, find a mat in a solid color or a mute color like black or grey. (Check out YogaRat RatMat Pro. ~ $49.99)
Is the environment important to you? If so, look into a natural mat or one that will last you a long time. (Check out Jade Yoga Mat's all natural mats. - $70-82)
Are you more focused on your alignment? If so, find a mat that has lines or boxes in the design. (Check out Gaiam Yoga For Beginners Kit ~  $29.98)
Are you looking for something more affordable and an overall great beginner mat? Check out Bean Yoga Mat that fits the bill. Bonus: It is environmentally friendly.   (This is the mat I bought for my sister. It was everything I was looking for: affordable, environmentally friendly, light, perfect thickness, and blue! ~ $19.95)
OR are you looking for the best mat ever? If so, you will want a the Manduka PRO Yoga Mat. And yes, this is the mat that we both have and are absolutely in love with. (Michael has the Manduka Black Sage PRO mat, my mat is no longer on the website as it was a limited edition.)

Look out for a future blog post for a yoga mat comparison!

Bottom mats are both Manduka PROs and the top is an Aurorae Northern Lights mat.

Other equipment: 
Blocks and straps are great for assisting you in poses, however they are not necessary. For example, you can use a block to help you with stability if you cannot touch your toes in standing forward bend. Straps can help with reaching your toes when stretching.

I have cork blocks because they are a natural material unlike foam blocks. Foam blocks are softer to the touch. Instead of blocks, you can use a dictionary, a few phone books, or even a small stool.

I currently do not have a yoga strap, but I am looking to get one. I currently use a towel and it works perfectly!

This is a cork block from Bean and a Manduka PRO mat.

What to Wear: 
Avoid loose clothing because they are 1) distracting, because 2) you will trip over them [pants] or your shirt will ride up. There is no need to get fancy yoga specific clothing. I usually just wear a leggings and a fitted tank top. At home, bathing suits, spandex, leggings and sports bras feel great because it is less distractions. I feel more free.

When practicing yoga, practice barefoot. Always barefoot. This is essential for grounding yourself. You need to feel the ground with your skin.

What are some of your favorite equipment? What are your criteria when looking for a yoga mat?

NOTE: This is a recycled post from October 2012 from Live Towards Love.
Adapted from: 

YogaRat RatMat Pro
Jade Yoga Mat
Bean Yoga Mat
Bean Cork Blocks

Note: We are not endorsed by any brands and products mentioned in this post. 

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  1. This is great, I certainly had to learn about not wearing loose tshirts for yoga the hard way!