Yoga to me is...

[Note: this is my written art piece about yoga. It is meant to be read out loud and in peace. Thank you.]

love. breath. joy. blissfulness... Yoga is my voice.

I have been practicing yoga for nearly 8 years and it is just recently that I have found a deeper connection to it. Many people think of yoga as a way to wind down, to relax, and to get fit. Yes, yoga IS all those things. But to me, it is so much more.

When you think of yoga, you think of the poses, right? Asanas, they are called. Asanas are the poses we perform in our practice. Again, yoga is much more than that. It is mastering your mind, truly knowing yourself, finding yourself. It helps us go through life with flow and ease. It brings us peace and joy.

People always tell me, "oh, you have the yoga body." What is the yoga body? Is it skinny? Bendy? Do a handstand without the wall? Touch our noses to our knees? I guess, if that is what yoga is to you, awesome! To me, a yoga body is a vehicle. It is a vehicle that goes through life. It is one that helps us bring positive change to the world. A yoga body is loving, caring, nurturing. It brings other people light and joy.

A professor once told me "Wow! You have written a beautiful and powerful essay about your relationship with your language... You have a strong and clear voice on the page." Yoga is my voice. It is my language. It is what gives me strength to take on the world and love all beings.

What is yoga to you? 


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  1. This was a beautiful read - healthyhappymotivation

  2. Hi Karel! This is gorgeous. I have a similar relationship to yoga. It connects me to myself, it's a way of discovery or uncovering who I am. It's a shedding of layers, of old energy, past emotions. And moving, growing from them. Moving deeper not only into my asanas but myself as a human being. :) Keep the posts coming, I love 'em :) Love, Silke (goldbutterflies6)

    1. Thank you so much Silke! (: I am so happy you are able to connect with it. I have a deep connection with my practice and, the same of you, it helps me discover who I am. Thank you for your comment! (: