Welcome Friends!


Hello! Welcome to Yoga with Karel. It has been a long long journey to finally create my yoga website but it is finally here. This is a place where I will be updating you all on my yoga journey, progress, and other yoga fun.

I want to give a BIG huge thanks to my dad who is a website/computer genius, who helped me when I became so frustrated with creating a layout, who almost made a website from scratch, who is still making a website from scratch even if I am not using it. This guy is the most amazing man ever.

I created this website because yoga has been a passion of mine for over two years. I am finally going to Yoga Teacher Training in January 2015. Every yoga instructor I have met has a website. Since I love yoga and blogging, I thought to make one now! 

What you will be seeing here:

Everything that involves yoga in anyway will be under this category. This will include how-to yoga poses, yoga guides, yoga information, etc.

Posts under this label will be about the yoga lifestyle. This will include things I learn, health, food, product reviews, etc.

All current series can be viewed under this link. I currently have four series planned and will add more over time. You can look at summaries for each series under that link.

Everything that pertains to my personal life will be under this category. Yoga Teacher Training updates will also be here!

I hope you all are just as excited as I am. Thank you so much for all of your endless support. Be sure to check back for future updates and sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date with all things YWK (Yoga with Karel). peace,love&light!

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  1. I'm actually gonna have to favorite your site on my phone. Looks like it'll be very helpful!!