Asana: Cat & Cow Pose


Sankrit: Cat (Marjaryasana) & Cow (Bitilasana)

Cat and Cow poses are great for focusing on your breath. Both poses will help with stress. They will stretch your torso and your neck. These two poses are especially great for women who are on their monthly cycles.

Start in table top - shoulders directly above your wrists, knees right below your hips, and spine in neutral.
Inhale to cow - lift your tailbone and chest toward the ceiling.
Exhale to cat - round your spine towards the ceiling with your head looking down.
Do a few cycles of cat and cow with each breath. Do them slow, with your eyes closed, and take deep breaths.

Cat and cow are my go-to poses when I need to relax or am feeling stressed. I love that it naturally flows with your breaths.

Courtesy of: YogaJournal
Wearing: Unknown Top, Nike Pro shorts in black, Live Towards Love Crystal Yoga Bracelets,  and Manduka Mod Pro (Extra long, limited edition)

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