Q & A with Karel: I want to do yoga but I don't know where to start!


I've been wanting to get into for awhile not really sure how to pick it up? or I would start doing yoga, any advices? or I was just wondering if you have any suggestions about where to start with yoga? I'm completely new to it and really want to learn the proper techniques.
(These questions are copy and pasted from you all!) I have gotten a variety of this question, so here is my longgggg answer. I hope it helps you all!

First of all, congratulations for taking the first step to wanting to do yoga! It is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life and I hope it helps you in all aspects in your life.

I am going to link you to my Yoga 101 blog series because I definitely think it has a lot of valuable information about yoga.

As far as where to start, find a place that is least distracting and give you space. I practice in the living room facing away from the clock (I really like checking the time during practice, so I have learned to turn away from it.) Also, finding a place close to the mirror is great to check on alignment. I like to have it next to me or behind me, not in front of me because I also find that distracting.

Also, do you want to listen to music? I typed in “yoga” into pandora and it has some cool nature sounds. Sometimes I like that. Sometimes I use my own yoga playlist (I will be posting more about music in the future, look out for it!)

Now, let’s do some yoga!

Take Classes 
I am a really HUGE advocate for taking classes. Many studios offer new student discounts or 5 day pass. I am currently on a 30 day unlimited pass for $30. I always tell people to go take yoga classes. Tell the teacher that it is your first time, they will often give you alternatives to difficult poses and will keep an eye on your alignment so you do not injure yourself. That is a big reason! Yoga makes you move and stretch in ways you never have so having a teacher help adjust your poses is good so you do not hurt yourself.

I personally like going to classes because they challenge me. When I am at home, I can easily cut my practice short. Going to class keeps me entertained and moving for an hour and a half. I also focus much more in class. There are so many people around you that are also practicing and that is so powerful and motivating! Also, going to classes will (most likely) have the equipment that you do not have at home. In the past 8 years of yoga, I only had a yoga mat. Only recently I was able to invest in a couple of blocks and a yoga strap. 

Use Your Resources
If you cannot afford doing that, check out youtube and the internet.
  • at the library, search for books about yoga. There are piles of books with poses and sequences and how to start!
For the mind body spirit, always end in savasana or corpse pose. Lay there for at least 5 minutes. and try to think of nothing. Clear your mind. OR breath in positive, breath out negative. I also like to put on guided meditations that I find on Youtube. It  a great way to relax and close your practice. (:

I really hope that you get into yoga as it will be so beneficial for your mind, body, and soul.

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me with this question. Comment below with your additions as well as future "Q&A with Karel" questions! 

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