My First Wanderlust Experience


Wanderlust is a yoga festival. I went to the Squaw Valley one and it was an absolutely amazing experience. I only went for one day but I wish I stayed longer and just took classes on one day. There are so many yoga classes to choose from.

Wanderlust Art Installations
I took three classes - meditation with Shiva Rea (!!!), Detox Flow with Seane Corn, and Zero Gravity (inversion class) with Cameron Shayne. I learned more about meditation as I have been struggling with it for quite some time now. Detox flow was challenging but it felt good. Zero Gravity is my favorite class out of the three I took. It was so exciting to see the instructor and his students demonstrate what we want to work towards. I learned a lot in his class and now I know what to work on to improve my inversions.

Right before Detox Flow with my friend!

There were many booths on site. From jewelry to clothing to raw crystals to delicious vegan food! My favorite was the d'OM tent (Lululemon tent). There was a giant wooden tree that housed a dj with a mini stage with people braiding hair and the Lululemon shop surrounding it. Lululemon had the Waunderlust items - specific Wanderlust clothing! Of course, since it was my first festival, I got sucked into getting something. I am very happy with my purchase as I love compasses (the Wanderlust symbol) and yoga tops.

Lululemon d'OM Tent
Later in the day, my friends and I decided to go play in one of the art installations. I had a lot of fun doing fun yoga poses and taking pictures. We met some friendly strangers and a little boy that showed off his forward rolls.

Play time with friends and a friendly stranger!

Overall, I had an amazing experience jam packed into one day. I am definitely going to go back next year and planning on going for more than one day. Being surrounded with so many yogis and spiritual conscious people made me so happy. I was in pure bliss. (:

Courtesy of Wanderlust for the beautiful experience. 
All images are mine. Please do not take or distribute.
I apologize for my lack of pictures and poor quality, I had so much fun and didn't even think about pictures. All the pictures I took was taken with my dinky little phone camera.

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