Link Lovin' #1


I am introducing a new series for the lifestyle section of my blog. I have been wanting to do something like this since day one and I am now finally incorporating it! Link Lovin' will consists of a few links I find through other social media sources or while browsing and researching that I think is worth it to share with you all (plus a little commentary from me!). Here is the first edition of Link Lovin'!

Why You Should Love Your Yoga Teacher a Little More ( - I thought this was a great read. I found this link through their Facebook and learned more about my yoga teachers. I also liked reading this because I will become a yoga teacher in the very near (5 months!) future and articles like this help me understand what I will be encountering.

Interview with MC Yogi (Seattle Yoga News) - I really enjoy reading other people's yoga stories - how they found yoga, how yoga changed their lives, etc. I loved hearing about MC Yogi's yoga story.

What Does Your Favorite Yoga Pose Say About You? (GaiamLife) - This month I am hosting a yoga challenge on Instagram and Tumblr [#yogapartypeople, check us out!]. A participant linked this to us on the day we were posting about our favorite yoga poses. I must say, mine is pretty spot on.

The Real You [Video - youtube] - Such a dramatic and eye opening video about "waking up" and life and the universe. I really love this video. "The real you is not a puppet which life pushes around. the real deep down you is the whole universe." It is difficult to explain, just watch it please.

See the Earth That Most People Don't Get to See [Video by Dustin Farrell] - just music and some amazing time lapse photos. It makes me want to drop everything and see the world! There is so much out there that our eyes haven't seen.

All sources used are linked within the post.

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