The Clothing Dilemma


There are many yoga clothing brands out there, how do you know what you should wear? Lululemon? Target? Prana? My old 6th grade P.E uniform? It's the clothing dilemma! What should I wear during my practice?!

Quite honestly, wear what is comfortable to you. You are moving around, so you will want something stretch. If you are going to invert or even go to downward dog, you will definitely want something that doesn't ride up. A form fitting shirt works best for this.

I like to practice is minimal clothing as it is least distracting. When it cold, I wear leggings and a tank top or a shirt. Otherwise, I wear spandex (or crops) and a tank top. Yoga in a swim suit is great too! I try to avoid bandeau... you will see what I mean when you try. As for yoga pants, I hate wearing yoga pants for yoga. Don't get me wrong, I do love how comfortable they are but the flare just gets in the way when I am transitioning between asanas. It is really distracting and I don't wear them often.

As for men, I have seen guys wear sweats and a shirt. Sometimes the whole shirt-going-up-when-you-go-upside-down thing is annoying, so the shirt is optional.

You do not need to go out and buy all the yoga clothing out there. There is no "right" clothes to wear during your practice. If you are comfortable, then you can practice! Just because you don't own the latest high end yoga brand clothing, does not mean you are not a yogi. If you do yoga, you are a yogi.

Until next time!

What pieces of clothing are your favorite to practice yoga in?

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