#YOGAPARTYPEOPLE August Yoga Challenge Highlights


August is officially over which means #yogapartypeople August Yoga Challenge is finished. I had such a great time posting how I interpreted each day's tag but I especially loved seeing our participants' pictures as well. This is my first yoga challenge I have ever hosted (and one I completed)! I want to thank everyone who participated as well as the lovely girls that helped me host this challenge: Chante, Stef, Rebecca, & Cat. We hosted this challenge on both Tumblr and Instagram. I don't have numbers for Tumblr but we had a total of 805 posts on Instagram! That is amazing.

We are hosting another yoga party for September called #freeyogis. Check it out here!

Now I want to show you some of my favorite pictures from this past month's challenge. It is organized by day and I will link to all of the pictures to the person that owns them.

Day 1 - #heartopener by yogawithkarel
Day 1 - #heartopener by healthyhappymotivation
Day 2 - #favorite by bexmaddy
Day 2 - #favorite by yogarian
Day 3 - #outdooryoga by sunny-yogi
Day 5 - #animalasana by cabin--fervor
Day 6 - #stretchitout by asterismoon
Day 6 - #stretchitout by sunandstrength
Day 7 - #workinprogress by learningyogi
Day 7 - #workinprogress by sunny-yogi
Day 7 - #workinprogress by bakasana-on-a-rockasana
Day 8 - #yinspiration by asterismoon

Day 11 - #kitchenyoga by bakasana-on-a-rockasana

Day 15 - #inversion by sunny-yogi

Day 15 - #inversion by yoga-granola
Day 15 - #inversion by teatime-asana-magic
Day 18 - #partneryoga by yogawithkarel
Day 19 - #transformationtuesday by bakasana-on-a-rockasana
Day 20 - #backbending by yogarian
Day 21 - #nature by bakasana-on-a-rockasana
Day 21 - #nature by bexmaddy
Day 21 - #nature by cabin--fervor
Day 23 - #legs by bexmaddy
Day 24 - #legs by yoga-granola
Day 23 - #legs by healthyhappymotivation

Day 24 - #legs by linnyonyourleft
Day 23 - #legs by sunny-yogi

Day 25 - #plankin' by yogarian
Day 25 - #plankin' by sunny-yogi
Day 25 - #plankin' by cabin--fervor
Day 26 - #armbalance by yogawithkarel
Day 27 - #mantra by yogawithkarel
Day 27 - #mantra by bexmaddy
Day 28 - #sun by linnonyourleft
Day 28 - #sun by healthyhappymotivation
Day 29 - #moon by teatime-asana-magic
Day 30 - #twistandshout by healthyhappymotivation
Day 29 - #moon by bexmaddy
Day 29 - #moon by yogawithkarel
Day 30 - #twistandshout by yogawithkarel
Day 31 - #namaste by yogarian
Day 31 - #namaste by yogawithkarel

Thank you so much for looking through all of our amazing participants pictures! I am truly inspired by everyone and I cannot wait to see everyone's pictures for the #freeyogis September Yoga Challenge.

I have received permission to share these pictures. All the owners of the pictures are linked on each picture.  If you see a picture that is yours that you want taken off this page, please email me.

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  1. This is awesome Karel. A really nice way to finish August and start our new challenge! I enjoyed seeing all of your favourite posts that you showcased!

  2. Hi! This is Mónica from yoga-granola, thanks for the feature and awesome highlights of yogapartypeople, i really loved this challenge!