How I Cured Myself in Four Days


Below is an account of a time I got sick six months ago. It was originally posted on Live Towards Love, my old blog. Last week, I got sick. Same exact reason, I started working with a new set of kids (new job) and of course, I get sick. They also say that when the seasons change, you get sick. That happened. I stand by what I did. This time around, I only did one thing, and I was sick for a little over a week. I was not as on top of getting back on track as I was but check out what I did.

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I just started working with children a few months ago. They say that the first nine months you get sick constantly until your immune system gets used to its environment. I don't know how true this is but I got sick. I made it a goal to not but after the first week of having my shirt covered in snot, slobber, and tears, I knew I would get sick soon.

I had something simple, probably a cold. It started with a scratchy throat and then a runny nose. Nothing too unbearable. I wouldn't have minded if my anniversary wasn't in four days... eek!

This is what I did to cure myself and IT WORKED. [If you are sick, go to a doctor. I am not a professional and I am not saying that this will work for you. But hey, give it a shot, but still... if you are sick, go to a health professional.]

Day One
Symptoms: Throat is scratchy, later that night, the nose started running.
I did nothing but drink a cup of "Throat Coat" tea. It made my throat feel better.

Day Two
Symptoms: Same but worse. Sneezing like crazy.
  • Breakfast - fruit juice (something that had celery in it, it was gross, but I drank it because it is good for me, and it was fast, I had to go to work)
  • Lunch: a bowl of butternut squash soup (for comfort), ginger lemonade HOT (made my throat feel better. I don't like ginger but it helped). A Greek-style salad (because its healthy.)
  • two once organic wheat grass shot - THIS is freaking amazing. I noticed a difference. I was feeling extremely exhausted, I just finished working, I wanted to crash. I felt infinitely better. I was awake. I felt good. 
  • a really long nap (it felt like 4 but I didn't keep track)
  • ginger lemonade with a shot of wheat grass (cold) 
  • Raw Caesar salad and Green Alkalizing Soup
Day Three
Symptoms: Same but equal. Small cough, lots of sneezing.
  • Breakfast - green smoothie (something with bananas, and mangoes, and greens)
  • Lunch: Green Alkalizing Soup (Lydia's Organics) - saved half. This stuff is awesome for when you're sick. 
  • some complex sandwich that I probably shouldn't have ate but I did because I was hungry and tasted delicious. By complex, I mean, it wasn't a whole food. 
  • I also had a cookie. (: 
  • 2 hour nap 
  • Late night snack - ginger lemonade with a shot of wheat grass

Day Four
Symptoms: same symptoms but a lot better than before.
  • 10 hours of sleep
  • Brunch - Green Alkalizing Soup & "Throat Coat" tea
  • Dinner - Chinese food. 
  • smoothie and an ounce of wheat grass
  • I also did some light yoga which magically cleared up my nose.
Summary: I mostly ate raw, whole, organic foods. Nothing too complex (minus the obvious).  The two foods that I swear saved me is the Green Alkalizing Soup (which I used to hate but now love) and the wheat grass. I need to do more research on Wheat grass but the difference it made is unreal. Another big thing is rest. I took tons of naps and when I went worked, I didn't overexert myself.

I had fun being my own project for the past few days. Even though I don't feel 100% better, I feel a lot better than I did a few days ago!

What are some things you do when you get sick that you swear makes you feel better faster?

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