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You all know how much I love subscription boxes. I subscribed to a few before but ended up canceling because I did not like them. Yogi Surprise is the first one I absolutely love! I heard about Graze from a friend. After looking more into it, I decided to try it out. If you click the Graze links within this post, or use the code KARELU8JP, you will be able to get your first and fifth box for free! This is awesome if you want to try it out. (That is what I did!)

What is Graze?
Graze is a unique subscription box. It includes four healthy snacks in each box.

How it works:
  1. Choose your box. They have two options: the NibbleBox & the Calorie CounterBox.
    In the NibbleBox, you have the freedom to choose a wide variety of goodies. The Calorie CounterBox offers you a variety of goodies that are between 50-150 calories. You pick what your needs are.
  2. Choose how often you want to receive your box. I have mine set for every two weeks. You can also set it for every week or multiple times a week.
  3. Choose where you want it shipped. I get mine shipped to my home but others choose to have it shipped to their work. How fun is that? I could only imagine how exciting it is to have a box sitting at your desk when you get to work.
Why I already love Graze:
  • No commitments!  You can cancel your subscription anytime. You can also pause the box so you do not receive it the next scheduled time.
  • Choose your snacks (kind of). You all know I am vegan, so I turned off all non-vegan items. That means I will only receive vegan snacks to my door. 
  • You know exactly what is in each product. You can view all the ingredients and nutrition facts before you receive them.
  • Each time, the products you receive is a surprise! I know you said that you can pick your snacks. How it works is you have a profile and you can trash products if you never want to receive it. Otherwise, you can get the snack anytime during your subscription! You also rate the products you receive. So if you really love something, you are more likely to get that item again in the future! 
  • The packaging is so dang cute! 
  • FREE SHIPPING! Sometimes when I online shop and I have to pay for shipping, I don't end up buying. Making the decision to Graze was easy... 
  • Great customer service. I left a comment saying that even though I am vegan, I eat honey and I wish that they had that option in the dietary restrictions section. I quickly received an email back giving me a link to all of their products that contain honey so I can change it to "TRY" instead of "TRASH". Also, I could tell can tell that a real life person emailed me and not a robot. [Below is an example of what I see in my dashboard. I am able to see what they sent me. See how LOVE is clicked under "honeycomb flapjack"? That's because I rated it already and I would love receive the yumminess regularly. See how TRY is clicked under "fruity mango chutney"? That is because I haven't tried it yet. I love this system!] 

I hope you enjoyed this review on my new favorite food subscription box. I can't wait to try out new products. If I get enough requests, I might do full box reviews on the products I receive each month. Feel free to use the coupon code below to receive your 1st and 5th box for free!

**All products mentioned are included in the Graze box. I pay for my own membership. Post contains referral links. This is not a sponsored post. All reviews and opinions are my own. **

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