November Yogi Surprise Box


Woohoo! You have no idea how excited I am to receive my November Yogi Surprise Box. For those who you who are unfamiliar with the Yogi Surprise - Yogi Surprise is a monthly subscription box that compliments a yoga lifestyle that include full size products that values health, connection, and joy for $44.95 per month (this includes shipping). The kind people at Yogi Surprise is giving all my readers 20% off for the life of your membership when you use the code: VIBRANT. I absolutely love this subscription box. Consider me subscribed for a long long time. I am in LOVE!

Why I love this box:
  • GMO Free! - free of all genetically modified organisms. 
  • Vegetarian - all products are vegetarian friendly and completely cruelty free. 
  • Full size products - I love trying new things and all of the products have been yogi approved! (:
This month's theme is GIFTS OF GRATITUDE. The items in the box is "inspired by wellness and joy to help you acknowledge all the beauty and bliss in your life". Love it! Everything about this box encompasses this theme beautiful. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it is a great box to encompass giving thanks and practicing gratitude.

What is in my November box?
  • Lush Nuts in Coconut Lavender -  Look a vegan item! Score! Lavender used to freak me out when it is put in food but I oddly like it. And guess what?! Non-GMO! Whoohoo! I will try this soon.    Retail:$5
  • Hurraw! Vata Lip Balm - I think this was the first thing I saw in my box. I have been eying these lip balms for almost a year now and I was so excited to finally get one. I have to be honest, the flavor I received is not my absolute favorite. The flavor I received is almond cardamom rose. It smells very strong of almond. Other than the smell, I love the consistency and it keeps my lips very moisturized.  Retail: $6
  • Valentina's Home-Brewed Natural Body Mist in Sunny Outlook - This product was most surprising to me. This is definitely a full size item - it is 4 ounces! It's huge! It smells so delicious and it smells like sunshine. It says on the directions that you can spritz yourself with this spray when you wake up in the morning, before going to bed, or even as a room freshener. You know I will be using this a ton. Retail: $8
  • Golden Earth Chakra Wellness Oil in Energy - I was most excited about this item in the box because Yogi Surprise released a sneak peak on their Facebook that this will be in it. Random fact about me: I love essential oils and I love learning about chakras. So this is perfect for me! This smells so delicious. This Energy oil "carries an emphasis on creativity, grace, sensuality and procreation".  Retail:$26
  • Schmidt's Natural Deodorant - I saw this in Whole Foods the other day. Good thing I didn't get it because I got it in my box! I currently use a deodorant similar to this but a different brand. I love this kind of deodorant so I am excited to try this. I am also not super fond of the smell. I received Cedarwood + Juniper. I can't even explain the smell but I will definitely give it a try. Retail: $10
  • Sencha Naturals Green Tea Mints in Tropical Mango -  Seriously, the second I saw this in my box, I opened it and ate one. I. am. obsessed. I have ate three in the past hour already. I really need to pace myself. Also mango is my favorite flavor. I am so happy they included this in my box. I didn't know I wanted this. I am so happy it is now in my life. Fun fact: "In three mints, you're getting one-cup worth of green tea antioxidants, adding wonderful health benefits to an already great taste". Favorite item in the box! Retail: $10
  • Earthling Organics: Cacao Rawnola Bar -  Raw & vegan! Wowee! I have not ate this yet but you know it will be packed in my lunch for work. This bar is packed with nutrients.   Suggest Retail: $3/bar
  • Valentina's Home Brewed Psychic Detox Bath Salts -  I have been super into baths lately because it helps me destress and relax. I own other products by this brand but not these salts. I can't wait to try them!    Retail:$6
  • BONUS: Jo-Sha Yoga Mat Cleaning WipesThis was a bonus item because we were supposed to receive beautiful Tiger Eye mala beads. However, they didn't make it in time since they are handmade in India by a Fair-Trade program. I have these already but I am happy to try more. I actually bought these for my trip to Costa Rica so I can easily clean my mat.    Retail:$12 for 20 wipes

I am so thrilled about what I received in this month's box. I will be back next month to share December's box. Click here to learn more about Yogi Surprise subscription box. Use code VIBRANT to save 20% off for the life of your membership (aka forever!).

**All products mentioned are included in the Yogi Surprise monthly subscription box. I pay for my own membership. Post contains referral links. This is not a sponsored post. All reviews and opinions are my own. **

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