October Favorites 2014


I am so excited to share with you all my favorites from this month! I did this on my old blog and I missed it so much that I decided to bring it back on my new blog. Yes, this is not truly yoga related but it is Karel related and it is called "Yoga with Karel". So here are my favorites for this month!

Andalou Naturals (1000 Roses Eye Revive Contour Gel) - October has been a stressful month for me and it was starting to show around my eyes. I picked up this eye gel at my local health food store. It claims to visibly reduce find lines, puffiness, and under-eye circles." I have been using this product for more than two weeks and I love it. I put it on right before bed during my nightly routine.

Kindle Fire HD - I've had my Kindle Fire HD for nearly two years now (so the link is probably to the newer version). I have been using this a lot lately. It is super light, easy to carry in a purse. The graphics are great, making it fun to play Sims Freeplay. It also can carry many books and PDF that I like to read on a daily basis.

Aura Cacia's Pillow Potion - As I mentioned before, I have been exposed to a great deal of stress lately, which I promise I have been managing. Part of my stress was because I was not getting enough sleep. I would lay in bed for hours and hours before I could fall asleep. I found this spray at my local health food store. I would do a couple spritz on my pillow before I go to bed. I find that I fall asleep much quicker and I have relaxing and sleep throughout the night.

Teavana Arbor Tea Tumbler - This was a Christmas present from last year, I believe, from a dear friend who knew I liked tea! Part of my new nightly routine to help me sleep is to drink herbal tea, usually peppermint or a rooibos. I bring a cup of tea upstairs, along with a tea rest, and this tumbler full of hot water. This lets me get two brews out of my tea without having to go back downstairs! Yeah, I'm a bit lazy but this tumbler is perfect for an entire cup of tea.

I finally got myself a yoga strap! I bought this one at my yoga studio but you can find them at any outdoors-y store. It helps a lot in my practice to get a much deeper stretch when I can't reach my foot.

Zoe and Alfie! - This one isn't a product but they are my new favorite Youtubers. Their channels are Zoella and Pointlessblog. I actually found them because I watched their Sims series, which made me want the Sims real bad. Then I just started watching their videos and their vlogs. I love their personality. Zoe is inspiring and she is my age so I can kind of relate to her. Alfie is just super funny. I find myself watching his videos when I am having a particularly bad day. Also, they both makes me wish I was surrounded by people with awesome accents.

The Sims Freeplay - Yes, this one is linked to Zoe and Alfie. I decided that I didn't really want to pay for the Sims. I used to have Sims Freeplay on my phone but deleted it thinking I wouldn't want to play anymore. Well, I did. So I started over and I downloaded it on my Kindle instead (since it is a much larger screen).

Awaken Spray by Buddha Nose - I love the smell of this spray! I received this spray in my monthly subscription of Yogi Surprise. This was in the October box. It has a wide array of uses like a yoga mat cleaner or deodorant. I have been using it as a hand sanitizer. It doesn't leave that slimy feeling on your hands and it smells so dang good!

So there you have it, my October Favorites. What are some of your favorite products? Mention them in the comments below! I am always looking to try new things and new products. Thanks for visiting Yoga With Karel! (:

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This post contains affiliate links.
I am not sponsored or getting to paid to endorse any of the items mentioned above. I bought and used all these items myself and they are truly my favorites for this month. Thank you! 

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