9+ Stocking Stuffers for Your Yogi - Blogmas Day 14


Need something extra for the yogi in your life? Check out these affordable and small items to put in your yogi's stocking this holidays.

  1. Yoga Strap - Every yogi should have a yoga strap, at least I think so. They are so helpful in my practice. ($10)
  2. Crystals - The link is to show an option on where to get these. Pictured is a quartz cluster. Crystals are so beautiful. Look for them anywhere! I get most of mine at farmer's markets and random local stores. Beautiful crystals to gift are quartz clusters, selenite towers, or rose quartz.
  3. Eye Pillow - I love eye pillows. I have yet to get myself one. They smell amazing because they typically have dried lavender inside. They are perfect during savasana and gets the room completely dark. ($10)
  4. Candles - Candles are perfect way to create a relaxing ambiance. Candles come in a range of prices. Look around! Bonus points if you buy your yogi a candle free of chemicals!
  5. Hurraw! Lip Balm - I got a Hurraw! lip balm in my November Yogi Surprise Box. In my review, I mentioned that I wasn't fond of the smell I received. Well... after using it for two weeks now, I LOVE IT. Hurraw! comes in a wide variety of flavors. ($7)
  6. Fiddlebumps Healing Salve - I love this salve. I use it for everything that needs healing. From spots, dry skin, cuts, burns, bug bites, bruises, and rashes. It is so amazing. I have a 2 oz tub for home and I keep a 1oz tin in my purse for on the go. It has saved me multiple times.
  7. Notebooks by Katie Daisy - These notebooks are so cute! Perfect for journaling or jotting down notes after an amazing yoga class.  ($11 for 3 notebooks) 
  8. Sweaty Bands Headband - I have made my own version of this but I love non-slip headbands. I wear them to every yoga class I go to. They keep my hair way from my face and the don't slip as much as a normal headband.
  9. Gaiam Yoga Socks - These socks are perfect for the cold. I love wearing them during my practice to keep my feet warm without slipping all over my mat.
  10.  BONUS! Karelsells bracelets - Yes these are my bracelets. This guide would not be complete without my bracelets. I wear these everyday. And you know I will be giving them as presents for the holidays. (; If you don't see what you want, contact me and I can make you a custom order. Just for you all, use the code BLOGMAS14 to receive 15% off your purchase. Expires December 22, 2014.
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This post includes affiliate links.
I am not being paid to mention any of the items above. I own majority of the items mentioned and just really like them and think they are perfect for the yogis in your life! 
I am however getting paid if you buy one of my bracelets, and all the funds for that is going towards my Yoga Teacher Training. 

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