50 Facts About Me - Blogmas Day 1


It is day 1 of Blogmas! I am so excited.
Now, I have seen this all over the internet and I decided that it would be perfect to kick off and it will give you all know a little bit more about me. So here we go!!!

  1. I am always cold, especially my toes. 
  2. I sleep with 6 blankets.
  3. During the summer, I sleep with at least two.
  4. I am convinced that my dentist pierced my ears at age 2 or 3. That was my memory, my parents tell me I made it up. But I seriously remember sitting in the dentist chair and screaming my head of when the dentist pierced my ear. 
  5. I currently own 74 nail polishes. I just counted. 
  6. The public will never see my toenails unpainted. 
  7. My love for nail polish started when I was 5. My first nail polish was a set of three and they were all glitter. I love nail polish so much that my 8th grade science fair project was about it.
  8. When I shop, I always think I can D.I.Y. what I want to buy but end up never doing it. 
  9. 90% of the jewelry I own has some sort of deep meaning behind it. The other 10% are presents.
  10. I own a crystal ball.
  11. If I was an animal, I would be an elephant. Because they are so loving and they're also vegan! Yeah!
  12. Other than when I was born, the only times I have been back to the Philippines are for funerals of loved ones. 
  13. When I like a song, I will play it on repeat for days.
  14. If I have managed to still like the song, it will end up on my yearly soundtrack. And yes, every year, I create a soundtrack to my year. I started this when I graduated high school.
  15. I can't drink coffee anymore because it makes my heart beat really fast.
  16. I don't like breakfast foods. I prefer lunch/dinner type foods for all meals of the day.
  17. I have had at least 10 blogs in my entire life, starting in middle school.
  18. The reason why I know HTML is because of Neopets...
  19. I prefer to watch movies at the movie theater with my family than my friends. 
  20. The reason for that is because I would much rather talk to my friends, hang out, or play board games. Another reason is because I get far too into the movie that I will almost always grab the person next to me and cover my eyes. It's quite embarrassing and distracting.
  21. I made more money at my first job than the next six jobs after that.
  22. My least favorite foods are celery and pickles. If you snuck one in my food or juice (celery), even a small piece, I can taste it. 
  23. I always double brew my tea. I've made myself think it's more greener that way.
  24. I can only drink caffeinated drinks before 1pm. If I don't, I will be awake all night.
  25. I used to be absolutely obsessed with Jeremy Sumpter from Peter Pan all throughout 8th grade.
  26. I will go months and months without getting a haircut. If you have curly hair, this is totally a no-no. But I just can't be bothered to pay nearly $70 to get my hair cut right. And if you have curly hair, you understand that finding a hair dresser that cuts curly hair is next to impossible. 
  27. That being said, I have only gotten my hair cut twice this year. 
  28. I once convinced a little girl that I was Elsa but I just dyed my hair black so nobody will know. 
  29. Food is my favorite food. I love food. 
  30. I can write upside down pretty well.
  31. I think I am allergic to hazelnuts. 
  32. I am in the middle of getting my certification of becoming a metaphysical practitioner. I am not entirely sure what this means yet but I am loving the program and learning so much about myself. 
  33. Glitter is my favorite color. 
  34. I play music majority of my day. 
  35. I used to be terrified of all animals. Now, it's only if they are making a loud sound at me or trying to jump on me. 
  36. Instagram is my social media of choice.
  37. I used to take pictures of everything. Memories in picture form was so important to me. Now, I would much rather enjoy the moment and remember the memory. 
  38. I hate routine. For example, the second I get comfortable in my room, I have to rearrange it. I've been at my house for nearly six months and I've arranged it four times already.
  39. I write lists for everything. I have a notebook dedicated for my lists. 
  40. I used to be the quietest kid in my class all throughout elementary school. Then I became very extroverted from middle to high school and part of college. Now, I think I am pretty introverted. 
  41. Valentines day is me in a holiday. Pink, glitter, and hearts = me. 
  42. My least favorite sound is styrofoam rubbing together. It's like nails on a chalkboard.
  43. My favorite sound is when cold water drops on a really hot pan. That sizzle is the best!
  44. I learned how to shuffle card properly with the bridge by a 7 year old. 
  45. I didn't really eat vegetables until 8th grade. So when I told my mom I was vegetarian a few years ago, she was totally surprised.
  46. Jasmine is my favorite scent. 
  47. I am a strong believer in making goals and manifesting your dreams.
  48. My eyes has gotten lighter and a lot more vibrant since I switched to eating plant-based. 
  49. I would cook a lot more if it didn't take so long.
  50. I discovered yoga when I was 15 years old.

So there you have it! 50 Random facts about me. I hope you learned a little more about who I am and what I love and don't like. Comment below on some of your random facts. I would love to know more about my readers! (:

Thanks for visiting. Come back tomorrow for another post for Blogmas

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  1. Thanks for sharing so much about you! :) I enjoyed this post. Just wondering, what does double brewed tea mean?

  2. Hi Stef! Thank you!!!
    Double brewing means that I let the tea sit for the alloted time, then take it out. And then when Im finished drinking it, I put the teabag back in and brew it a second time.