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I was listening to the radio the other day and Ryan Seacrest was talking about he did two yoga sessions and loved it. I was curious about what other celebrities do yoga and I was quite surprised with the amount of people who do! Now, I want to say that I am not glorifying celebrities in anyway. Whenever I find out someone, anyone, that does yoga, I am instantly interested. So here is quite a decent list of people who do yoga and some of the things they've said about it.

Lady Gaga
“Yoga heals me.” [Source]

Emma Watson
“I was like, ‘I need to find a way to always feel safe and at home within myself because I can never rely on a physical place.” [Source]

Andie MacDowell
“Yoga’s helped everything. It’s helped my outlook, how I interact with people, it’s made me more conscious, it’s helped me be able to focus, make better decisions, think on my feet. I don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s my sanctuary.” [Source]

Ricky Martin
“I just ask people, ‘Can I have 20 minutes for myself so I can just breathe?…I turn off the radio and television and just sit there and breathe five seconds in, five seconds out. Just to find my center." [Source]

Gwyneth Paltrow
“Physically, it completely changed me. I found strength that I never thought I had. And mentally, I mean, it’s taught me just patience and letting go, and it’s really changed my whole psychological outlook, I think.” [Source]

"Yoga is almost like music in a way; there's no end to it." [Source]

Heather Graham
“It hurts so good and I feel euphoric after. Yoga people on a whole are super cool and everyone is there to work on their own thing.” [Source]

Nicole Kidman
“I do ashtanga. I like vinyasa, too. It’s very good if you run. For the IT band, you know. You need all that and, particularly as you’re getting older, you need to do the things that are not high impact.” [Source]

Jennifer Anniston
“Yoga kind of helps you prepare for everything, honestly.” [Source]

Jamie Lee Curtis
"If I can challenge old ideas about aging, I will feel more and more invigorated. I want to represent this new way. I want to be a new version of the 70-year-old woman. Vital, strong, very physical, very agile. I think that the older I get, the more yoga I'm going to do." [Source]

Kristin Davis
“I started doing yoga in my 20s. I did teacher training, that was what I was going to do if acting didn’t work out. I started teaching other actors right at the beginning of the yoga craze - people still thought it was a little weird, but a lot of actors I knew were getting into it and didn’t want to look foolish in class. So I started teaching them!” [Source]

Dwyane Wade
"I have tight hips and I felt I needed to loosen up and be more flexible as I got older.... Just basic yoga—I wasn't ready for the hot stuff. Yoga is a totally different way of stretching and really challenging." [Source]

LeBron James
“Does it work for everybody? I don’t know… But it works for me.” [Source]

Olivia Wilde 
"Do some yoga. I never feel more beautiful than after I've really spent some time breathing." [Source]

Adam Levine
“I can be all over the map. Yoga has given me the ability to be more focused and make better decisions that come from a clear place.” [Source]

Miranda Kerr
“I have been practicing yoga for over a decade now, and it is very important part of my life. It doesn’t matter where I am or what I am doing, yoga gives me the opportunity to switch off and focus entirely on my body and my breath. Yoga allows me to meditate and reflect on what’s important in my life. It is also great for core strength and maintaining agility.” [Source]

Russell Simmons
“The mind is like a monkey in a chage, it will jump around, when it realizes that the cage will not move it will settle, sit be patient #yoga.” [Source]

“Yoga is a metaphor for life. You have to take it really slowly. You can’t rush. You can’t skip to the next position. You find yourself in very humiliating situations, but you can’t judge yourself. You just have to breathe, and let go. It is a workout for your mind, your body and your soul.” [Source]

Woody Harrelson
“Yoga helps, more than anything. If you store something heavy emotionally in the mind, it stores as well as the body. So the reverse is true, if you’re able to release whatever it is from the body, you can release it from the mind.” [Source]

Britney Spears
“I’m doing a lot of yoga right now. It’s like my go-to between all anxiety and everything” [Source]

And now I will leave you a video on Russell Brand's yoga story. I watched this a year ago and I love his story. Yoga is truly life changing.

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