Costa Rica Packing List Part 1 - Blogmas Day 21


I am leaving for Costa Rica so so soon! I started packing a few weeks ago. I normally do not pack so soon but since I am staying there for a month, didn't want to do any laundry while I am there, and I am traveling by myself, I decided to start early to make sure I do not forget anything.

Now, this post would be extremely long so I am breaking it up in two posts. This post will be items in my luggage and my next post will be what I am carrying in my backpack.

I am packing all my clothes rolled up by outfits. So every morning, I just need to pick one bundle and grab undies and a bra. No thinking about what combinations! 
  • dresses, shorts, & shirts - for days out. I love dresses because they are so easy to pack and perfect for the Costa Rican weather! 
  • jeans - I'm only bringing one. This is just in case because this will be my only pear of long pants (other than leggings)
  • swimwear - I brought all of mine, I only have 5 but I think that's plenty.
  • flannel - I know it's warm in Costa Rica but I am always cold. I plan on putting these on top of basically all my clothes when I need the extra warmth. 
  • yoga clothes - I am bringing probably 95% of the yoga clothes I own. The reason is because laundry costs $12 a load to wash and dry. I would be wasting money since I don't dry any of my yoga clothes. Anyway, I made a pdf of all the clothes I brought so I can easily see the different combinations without thinking to hard about it. 
  • undies - It's really sad but I have enough undies to last me at least two or three months without doing laundry. So you know I am bringing like 40 pairs, ha! 
  • bras, socks, sleepwear - duh. 
  • fleece - I get cold. This is mostly for the airport and when I get into the States because it's so dang cold here! 
  • raincoat - I read that Costa Rica gets light rain so I brought the one that can go down into a small bag. 
  • scarf - I bought the Lululemon Vinysa Scarf just for this trip. It is an infinity scarf that is versatile. I'll probably use it as a light cover up when I get cold or as a mini blanket in the plane.
  • laundry bag
  • toothbrush/toothpaste - this is actually going in my backpack because I have a long flight with two layovers. I got the dry toothy tabs from LUSH. It is perfect since it's not liquid. I found this out from a friend who went to YTT last year!
  • floss/tongue scraper
  • deodorant - I use Primal Pit Paste, it's seriously the best stuff ever. 
  • hair stuff - I have curly hair that can't be tamed. ha.
  • hair ties/headbands - to keep the hair away from my face during yoga
  • soap - I have one that doubles up as a laundry soap so I can just hand wash my clothes if I need it. 
  • shampoo/conditioner - I have a bar shampoo from LUSH. Unfortunately, I didn't find a conditioner that is dry that I like so I am just going to put it in a container. 
  • argan, jojoba & coconut oil - super versatile. Using both for my essential oils, my hair, as sunscreen, more my face, makeup remover... gosh, I can't live without these oils.
  • facewash & towel
  • chapstick - at least 4 tubes, knowing me, I will lose 3. 
  • contacts/case/solution/extra pair of glasses - I need a back up for my back up. If I can't see, it's over. ha. 
  • nail file/nail clipper - I break nails too often.
  • makeup - I am bringing very minimal makeup because I honestly don't use it as much and plus it will probably melt right off my face while I'm there. I'm only bringing mascara, eyeliner, face powder, tinted chapstick, and eye brow pencil. 
  • nail polish/remover - I know. So unnecessary but if I don't have my nails painting, I feel so naked. I have a travel size for top coat, base coat and remover. I'm only bringing two colors for my nails. I am doing my toes before I leave because those last forever.
  • clothpads/to go kit/cup - womanly stuff. And bringing stuff to wash them with. I don't plan wearing my cup during yoga since going upside down with a cup is the worst but it is perfect for when I want to go in the ocean at the beach or something.
  • perfume - only two roll on ones. 
  • q-tips
  • razor - checked in my bag
So there you go, these are some of the basic items I am planning to bring. Check out tomorrow for part 2 of this post!

Thanks for visiting Yoga With Karel! (:  Come back tomorrow for another post for Blogmas.
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