Costa Rica Packing List Part 2


Hello friends! Yesterday, I posted what I am bringing to Costa Rica that is in my luggage. It was all the basic things you would bring on a trip. Today, I am going to list all the items I am bringing in my backpack and other random items I specifically need for yoga teacher training.

  • Kindle + charger - loaded with a few books for entertainment
  • phone + charger
  • camera + charger
  • yoga mat - I was originally going to bring my Manduka ProLite but since it is so bulky, I decided to go get the Manduka eKO SuperLite. It folds down and I am stuffing that in my carry on. I can easily put this on top of the mat that the program will provide.
  • yoga mat cleaning wipes  - I got about 25 individually wrapped yoga mat wipes to clean my mat with.
  • headphones
  • notebook - for notes
  • planner - I decided to give bullet journaling a try for the past three months so I had it down before my trip. I really love it so I have a Moleskin with all the things I need. If you want to know what is inside my planner, leave a comment below! 
  • pencil case - pens, pencil, whiteout, highlighters, sticky notes, colored pens, binder clips, bookmarks - usual items for taking notes
  • crystals - This may seem unusual but I am bringing three small crystals to aid me and protect me in my journey. I am for sure bringing a quartz and my orange calcite. I haven't decided on the third one.
  • Dakine backpack - this is for random days out hiking. I honestly don't know if I am going to use this but it is smaller than a backpack. 
My dad gave me my Christmas present early. I got the Osprey Tempest 20 in pink, of course. I am obsessed. I love the color, it's super light, it has many compartments, and the part that touches your back has a system that ventilates it so your sweat doesn't touch it.
  •  waterbottle - empty for the airport
  • snacks - must have! 
  • travel pillow
  • sleep mask & ear plugs
  • thank you cards
  • pain medication
  • epi pen and Benadryll - hoping I will not need to use this. 
  • kleenex
  • first aid kit
  • sunscreen and bug repellent
  • essential oils - peppermint oil (for headaches and stomach aches), lavender (for bruises and cuts), lemon (for hydration and cleaning), tea tree (for cleaning and bug repellant), citronella (for bug repellant). 
  • flashlight
  • beach towel
  • peppermint tea
  • fuzzy socks - for the plane
  • 1 set of clothes - just in case
  • documents - cards, passport, itinerary 
  • small pack of toiletries
  • power batter (for my phone and Kindle if there's no nearby plug
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  1. I'd love to know what's inside your planner! Also, what is the significance of the orange calcite to you? :)