December Yogi Surprise Box Review - Blogmas Day 12


Yay! The December Yogi Surprise Box is finally here! For those who you who are unfamiliar with the Yogi Surprise - Yogi Surprise is a monthly subscription box that compliments a yoga lifestyle that include full size products that values health, connection, and joy for $44.95 per month (this includes shipping). The kind people at Yogi Surprise is giving all my readers 20% off for the life of your membership when you use the code: VIBRANT. I absolutely love this subscription box. Consider me subscribed for a long long time. I am in LOVE!

Why I love this box:
  • GMO Free! - free of all genetically modified organisms. 
  • Vegetarian - all products are vegetarian friendly and completely cruelty free. 
  • Full size products - I love trying new things and all of the products have been yogi approved! (:
This month's theme is THE GIFT OF GIVING. Love it! What a perfect time to try new things and discover new goodies that I could possibly gift?

What is in my December box?
  • Booda Butter -  Ohmygosh. This was the first thing I saw in my box and got so excited. I have the Booda Butter lip balm and love it. This one is the daily moisturizer and it smells like chocolate. What is awesome is that it is only five ingredients AND organic!    Retail:$14
  • Urban Moonshine Energy Tonic -  I have no idea what this was but I cannot wait to try it. It says that it "helps fight fatigue and combat the negative effects of stress with each use. I will definitely be packing this on my trip to Costa Rica. I will probably need the energy!    Retail:$8
  • Indian Tiger Eye Mala Beads -  This was going to be in the last box but since it was being shipped overseas and it is handmade, they put it in this one. I was looking forward to this so much that I think I built it up so much. I make my own mala beads so I wasn't super WOW-ed by this. However,  tiger eye is so beautiful and I still really love it. I will probably keep these in my purse as a back up.  Retail:$18
  • Angel Rejuvenation Spray Facial Mist & Aura Cleanser -  Okay, I have a confession. I think we have gotten at least one spray in each box so far since the company has started. And I. AM. FREAKING. OBSESSED. I don't know why I love them so much but I loveee sprays! They always smell so good and they all have multiple uses. This one is for your face, but you can also use it for your room or as a hand sanitizer. I am loving all the sprays. Yogi Suprise, if you are reading this, keep it up! I love all the sprays we get!!!  Retail:$22
  • Skout Organic Raw Pumpkin Seeds -  Mmm I love all the treats too. I should have saved the others but I am definitely packing these in my luggage for my trip. Pumpkin seeds are perfect for on the go since they keep you full longer.  Retail:$5
  • Yogi Surprise Organic Cotton Yoga Strap -  I already have a yoga strap but I love that this is organic cotton. For all you who practice yoga that do not have a yoga strap yet, go get one! They are so helpful.  Retail:$10

I am so thrilled about what I received in this month's box. I like that these boxes have products I have never tried before but also products that I already love. I will (maybe) be back next month to share January's box. If the box arrives on or before January 2, you will get the review. If not, I will be in Costa Rica and will do it when I get back! Click here to learn more about Yogi Surprise subscription box. Use code VIBRANT to save 20% off for the life of your membership (aka forever!).

Thanks for visiting Yoga With Karel! (:  Come back tomorrow for another post for Blogmas.
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**All products mentioned are included in the Yogi Surprise monthly subscription box. I pay for my own membership. Post contains referral links. This is not a sponsored post. All reviews and opinions are my own. **

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