How to Be A Great Yoga Teacher (My Pre-YTT Perspective) - Blogmas Day 3


Note: I thought it would be fun do do a series of posts before going to Yoga Teacher Training and then doing the same thing after training. I am curious to see if any of my views would change (I'm sure it will!).

I have had my share of great yoga instructors and not so great yoga instructors. This is my list on how to be a great yoga teacher!
  1. Introduce yourself. I love when teachers do this especially when there are new students!
  2. Talk to students before and after practice. Seven out of ten classes I go to for the first time, the teachers took their time to talk to me before or after practice. It makes me feel like they noticed that I'm new. 
  3. Ask before class about any injuries. One teacher asked and told us "if you are shy, just give me a wink". She once had a student finish yoga and tell her that she just had some major surgery. Eek!
  4. Do not point out what a student is doing wrong in a loud manner. My favorite teacher would go up to each student and help them. I loved this because it wasn't as embarrassing. 
  5. Show your personality! It is so refreshing to see teachers have fun. It shows me how much they truly love teaching.
  6. Ask if you can touch students when modifying. Some people don't like being touched. I am not one of those people but hey, some people get uncomfortable. 
  7. Laugh.
  8. Smile.
  9. Have awesome music. Or no music. Something that shows your style but doesn't distract from practice. 
  10. Have a great closer. I personally love savasana - an extra long one at that. I like to have a close to my practice. 
So there you go, there are some of my ideas of what an amazing yoga teacher looks like. I want your input!. What are some great things your yoga instructor does that you absolutely love? Leave a comment below. (:

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Please note that this list is not meant to offend or defame any particular teacher I had. They are merely observations and I am grateful to have been taught by amazing people!

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  1. As a student I have to agree these all make a great class. I don't enjoy it when a teacher doesn't introduce themselves, it feels impersonal.

  2. Yes! I totally agree. Thank you for visiting (: