How I Relax - Blogmas Day 7


It has been a pretty stressful past couple months. I desperately searched for something to help me relax a few times a week to help me get by and stay sane. Staying grounded is very important to me and it helps me be productive. Here are some ways I relax.

Music is almost always playing in the background. Literally from the second I wake up to when I put my head to the pillow, music is on. It is perfect to set the mood you want. When I am having a night that I need some extra relaxation, my go to Pandora stations are Bon Iver or Calm Meditation Radio. If I want something more instrumental, I put on Olafur Arnalds Radio. Pandora is my relaxation helper.

Watch Videos
One way I relax is to watch videos. I watch videos when I want to keep my mind off whatever it is that is stressing me out. Lately, I have been obsessed with Youtube. I love myself some British Youtubers because they can always make me laugh. Sometimes all I need is a good laugh. Another reason why I love Youtube is because the video length carries. Most of the time I would much rather multiple five minute videos over a few twenty minute videos. Youtube is my go to but you can also watch a movie. Videos are great for the distraction and focusing on something different.

Sometimes things get too much for me to handle and all I want to do is sleep. I always spray Pillow Potion on my pillow and always get the best sleep. I always get at least eight hours of sleep a night.

This one is a given. When I am under a great deal of stress, my go-to yoga styles are: restorative or hatha flow. These are two complete opposites from each other. When I need to just relax and feeling stressed, I go for something more restorative. I want to get deep into my meditations and focus on relaxation. Restorative yoga makes my body, mind, and soul feel like nothingness and it is amazing. The other end is a hatha flow. I choose this when I have too much on my mind and need to focus on something different. I love hatha because it is a movement of difficult postures. I tend to forget my worries and focus on my asanas. Check out this yoga guide I did for dealing with stress! 

Pamper Night
This one is my absolute favorite way to relax which is why I saved it for last. Pamper night consists of many key things. First is the bath. I make sure that the water is just right, I throw in half a LUSH bath bomb, and have candles around the tub. I always make sure I have something cold to drink, chocolate to eat, and my devices are covered in plastic wrap (caution when using your electronic devices during your bath!). Some of the products I use during my bath time is a body scrub and a hair mask. When I get out, I put on a face mask, moisturize my entire body, and occasionally, I will do my nails. Pamper nights are my favorite way. It is a weekly thing for me now and it just resets my mood for the entire week to come.

Some of my favorite bath bombs from LUSH
So there you have it! I find that this time of year gets pretty crazy and busy and relaxation is something I need to stay mentally prepared for my days ahead. I hope I have helped some of you spark some ideas for your relaxation. Comment below of your favorite relaxation tips!

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