My InstaYear - Blogmas Day 24


As some of you know, I am leaving for Costa Rica for yoga teacher training in January. Since I will be gone pretty much right away, I don't really have the time to reflect on my year. So here is the highlights of my year in Instagram pictures.

  1. I started getting really serious about learning more about yoga. Here I am on Valentines day reading the many different yoga sutras. 
  2. I got my first logo done! Thank you to my talented friend, Bernadette! It looks amazing and I love it so much! I recently changed my Etsy shop to Karelsells just so I can use this logo. Yay! 
  3. I started my yoga instagram. Look at the baby. I've grown so much in the span of 8 months.
  4. I graduated in December 2013 but I had the ceremony in May. This is my super glittered cap. I got super crafty that week. 
  5. I went through a break up that made me stronger. I truly used my yoga practice to get through the hard times.
  6. I took this adorable picture of baby Ziggy. I went downstairs and realized that he wasn't at his cage! After freaking out for a good thirty seconds, he sneezed and I found him like this. 
  7. Scorpion pose, oh my! 
  8. On June 26, I launched my yoga website (this one, haha).
  9. I got the keys to my yoga studio and started as their first intern.

  1. I went to Wanderlust with some amazing yogis! I had such an incredible time.
  2. The Nigh Circus is my book of the year. It's made it to my favorite book list. It is so cleverly written. I totally got sucked in. I loved it! 
  3. I touched my toes to my forehead. This transformation was in a span of four months. I am so surprised with what my body is able to do with yoga.
  4. I started to play with my yoga practice. Here is my fun one handed handstand. It was a lot harder than I imagined. 
  5. Practice makes practice. I was finally able to get my king pigeon pose. 
  6. I had the best Disney family vacation. My adorable little sister was able to bring us to the parks for free and we also stayed at the Grand Californian at a great deal. It was definitely a vacation to remember.

  1. I reached 10 THOUSAND followers on Tumblr! I am still so amazed and grateful for all my followers. You are all amazing. <3
  2. I finally got my splits pose, or monkey pose. After many months of hip openers, I was finally able to get it. The best part is that it came as a surprise when the teacher told us to go for it in a class. I was so confused that I was able to get it. It was a great feeling.
  3. I chopped all my hair off. It used to go down to my belly button and I decided one day that I wanted to cut it. I sent it to Pantene to make wigs. I did it in the honor of my aunt. 
  4. My friends and I celebrated my sister's 21st birthday at Disneyland. It was hands down the greatest Disney trip I have ever experienced. We managed to go on around 16 rides and the longest line we waited in was about 15 minutes. It is great to have connections, friends. (; 
  5. I took this picture and it is now my favorite. It was before a stressful day at work and I decided to have a nice, relaxing yoga practice first thing in the morning.
  6. I received this beautiful note by one of my favorite first graders at work. She nearly made me cry. I love her so much and I truly cherish that she appreciates me.
  7. I fell in love with restorative yoga. 
  8. I am on the road to be a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner. I just finished the lunar section and I am in love with the new crystals I got! 
  9. My lovely friend and I decided to give acro yoga a go. Needless to say, we definitely enjoyed it. 

 And finally, I am so proud and excited that I actually blogged every single day today! Whoohoo! I hope you all enjoyed just as much as I did. It was definitely a challenge but I am so happy I did it.

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