Why I Never Publicize Who My Best Friend Is - Blogmas Day 5


I work with kids and one of the things they fight about is who is best friends with who. I find that this is the same with adults but... not as upfront. I find that this is something people think about but not really talk about. So below are some of the reasons why I never publicize who my best friend is.
  1.  I have many friends and they are the best for different reasons. Just like how you go to different people to talk to about different things. I have a best friend that goes to yoga with me, I have a best friend that I just like to gossip with (not cool, Karel, work on this), and I have a best friend that I just want to cuddle and watch a movie with.
  2. Publicizing a single best friend is sassy not classy. Just telling the rest of the world that they are not good enough? That's not me. I think everyone and everything is awesome. [Cue Lego song here]
  3.  It changes everyday. I am totally serious. I find that if I am hanging out with someone, they are instantly my best friend. It doesn't even better if I just met you, you are my best friend.
  4.  I cherish the things that people have done for me and I when I notice it, I definitely make sure I let them know how much I appreciate them.
  5. As cheesy as it may sound, I love everyone. It is totally the yoga in me speaking, but I truly find the beauty in the people that surround me. I genuinely love everyone that I encounter, especially my lovely friends.
So that "best friend" title, is nothing but a title. I have many best friends and I love them all. So if you have ever talked to me, supported me, or given me a little hug, you are my best friend. Because I cherish you and you are amazing. I love you friends! 

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