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Another Q&A before I leave for Costa Rica! Hope you all have a lovely New Years!!! (:

What was your first yoga class experience like?  - Stef
 I honestly don't remember my first yoga class. I took yoga as my last PE elective sophomore year in high school. The experience overall was great because I decided to continue yoga for the entire year instead of just a semester. I continued yoga on and off until college. I liked some classes, and did not like a few. Overall, I liked the way it made me feel so I just kept going!

I've never done yoga and one of my New Years resolutions is to start learning yoga. Any advice on where to start for a newbie? - Melissa
Hello! That is a great New Years resolution. Check out this post about beginning yoga. It goes really in depth from clothes, classes, to yoga mats.

Other than physically, how has yoga benefited your life? (emotionally, mentally, etc) - Alexis
 I feel like yoga has helped me more emotionally, mentally, and spiritually than physically. I am a more open-hearted and loving person. I am able to let things go easily. I am not crazy attached to physical items. I have accepted who I am and how I look. I has helped me relax and calm down. And overall, yoga has kept me grounded.

Since you have been practicing yoga, what has been the greatest physical change and mental change you have noticed?   - Stef
 I answered the second part above.
I have seen a lot of physical change throughout the years of yoga. Now, I definitely feel like I have a butt. Haha. BUT I also feel more toned all over. My abs are finally showing through (just a little bit) and I can see more muscle throughout my body (my back, my arms, my legs).

My question is: do you have any tips on how to do a split?? Love your blog😃 - Laura
 Oh, I have been working on this so so much. Also, thank you! (:
The key is to stretch on a regular basis. Some stretches I do are: lizard, pigeon, reclined bound angle, pyramid, runner's lunge. Remember to go slow, breath into what is stretching. Take a step back and then stretch. Hold the pose for a few breaths. I hope this helps! It took me quite a long time to get my splits so do not get discouraged!

With all of the amazing YTT options out there, what helped you decide to go to Costa Rica? - Jillian 
 I did a lot of research and I decided that a residential program would be better for me because they are usually one month intensive rather than a few days a week for 6-9 months. I was comparing two programs, one an hour away from where I live and the other in Costa Rica. The tuition for Costa Rica was nearly $1000 less than the other so I decided that I would much rather travel and see more of the world for almost the same price. Overall, it made more sense to travel outside the country and explore more. Also, being in a tropical country while it is freezing cold in California sounded like a much better option for me. I hate the cold.

What's your favourite recipe?   - Stef
This one! Seriously, it is so good and so filling. It's my absolute favorite recipe. I make it so much that I pretty much have it memorized.

Do you eat healthy and if you do, what is your favourite "healthy food" :) And Happy New Year!!  - Siiveton
Happy New Year to you too!!!
I think "healthy" depends on the person. I think I eat healthy. I eat a mostly plant-based diet but I don't beat myself up when I slip up. I don't eat to just eat. I have an intention when I eat. I don't feel bad for eating "bad" sometimes. That being said, I still do not eat meat (minus prawns). When I leave for Costa Rica, I definitely plan on eating more vegan. My favorite healthy food is the recipe I mentioned above.

Do you have any resolutions for 2015? 😘 - Tara
Not really resolutions but I always make goals.
  1. Write more blog posts for you all. I had so much fun during Blogmas, and I want to write more consistently. 
  2. Teach yoga! 
  3. Grow YWK into something awesome.
  4. Finish my CMP certification.
  5. Yoga poses: handstand. hold scorpion away from the wall, splits on the right side, king dancer.

Thank you to all my friends who sent me questions! (:

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