The Yoga Diary: Logging Your Practice


I have always kept track of my activity, from walking to running to yoga. I like doing this because it shows me when I did the activity, what I did, and how I felt. I think logging your yoga practice is a great way to learn from yourself and your practice.

Having a yoga diary is something new I started. My practice is becoming more serious (but really, more fun) since I have made the huge decision to finally go to Yoga Teacher Training. I started my physical yoga diary for a few weeks and this is something I enjoy doing.

What You Need
  • a platform (do you want it electronic? do you want it to be a physical journal? is it blog style? are other people going to see this?)
  • if it is a physical journal: pens, decorating items (stickers, washi tape, etc). I used the pink Moleskin (shown above).
You can write a variety of things in your yoga diary, after all, it is your personal log of your own practice. Consider these things to put in your journal: 

I like to know when I did my yoga session, where I did it and how long I practiced. Some people like to write down the duration of their practice and get a lot out of it. Others find it unimportant and get rid of this part. What works for you?

What style of yoga did you do? Did you go to class or are you recording a home practice? Some of these questions are great to answer in your journal. You would be able to look back and see what you did. Go more into it. Were you distracted during the practice? What where you thinking about it? Jot down some notes how you you think your practice went.

I find this part very important. Sometimes it is a paragraph of how I was feeling during my practice. This is very similar to the description portion but more focused on the inner chatter. It could even be as simple as a little smiley sticker. In this section, I also like to write down what state my mind is prior to the practice.

Basically everything else that didn't fall in the other sections. People I met, what I talked to the teacher about, things I observed about myself and others, the walk to yoga, etc.

Have fun in your practice and write down what you feel like you  need to. Take the time to sit down and reflect on your practice. Over time, you will be able to look back and re-evaluate your goals or realize you want to change something, or keep doing something because of the notes you have written. Enjoy!

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Materials Used: Moleskin Journals, washi tape, personal stickers

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