What's In My Everyday Purse Kit - Blogmas Day 20


I used to have the messiest purses you could ever imagine. I would have papers and receipts and random wrappers at the bottom of my bag. Finally, after many years of trying different methods, I have found a way to keep things a little bit neater in my handbag. I only use this method in my medium to larger size bags.

I carry a kit of my essentials that I could possibly need in an emergency or in a day to day basis, which I reference as my Everyday Purse Kit (EDPK).
  •  Orla Kiely Zipped Pouch - I can't seem to find it on the Target website anymore but I got it at target. I love it because it has three sections, two on the sizes with a zipped part and an organized part. There is also a zipped section in the center. It keeps everything neat and organized. I usually have the entire pouch zipped up with the zippers centered on top so when I open my handbag and need to grab something quickly and know where it is, I don't have to shuffle around and find the zippers. 

Organized Side
  • Kleenex travel tissues
  • Organic peppermint essential oil - I do not carry Tylenol anymore. I found that one drop on my finger and rubbing it on my forehead and temples does the trick. This is also perfect if I am tired or need to focus. The smell just instantly perks you up!
  • Travel bandaids - you never know when you start bleeding

Zipped Side
  • cloth pad - I don't use disposables anymore. I might go into this in a future post. But I have one in a pad wrapper. 
  • $20 - just in case
  • Benadryl - this is the only emergency drug I need. I have some food allergies and it is definitely good to be prepared. 
  • Conair travel brush and mirror - I have had this since I was in middle school and never really used it. It's so compact and fits perfectly in the compartment
  • Contacts - maybe my glasses break, maybe I lost a contact. you never know... 
  • elastic headband - I always wear a headband because of my flyaways. I hate when I forget one so now I never have to worry. 
  • Mini sewing kit - this one came with one of my American Eagle jackets. It was just the pouch with string and a button. I added a needle, some extra thread and a few safety pins. 
  • Contact lens case - I'm sure this has many functions. The reason why it is in my bag is because sometimes I don't feel like wearing my rings or my earrings start irritating my skin and I want a safe place to keep them. So that is where I keep them. 

Center Zipped Pouch
  • VerMints - They are just mints
  • hand lotion
  • face moisturizer - I have dry skin so sometimes I need the mid day moisture or just forget to put it on in the morning.
  • deodorant - I can't even tell you how many times I have forgotten to put on deodorant in the morning and this has saved me. Also great if I need to reapply but ever since I switched to this kind of deodorant, I find that I never ever ever have to reapply.
  • cough drops - I was sick a while back and now I have this in here.
  • tea - just in case I needed a pick me up at work or if I was out and didn't want to pay for a drink... because hot water is free
  • floss
  • hair tie and bobby pins - my hair tie isn't in this picture because I actually used it! I can't even tell you how many times this kit saved me.
  • roll on perfume
  • glasses cleaner cloth 
  • Fiddlebumps healing salve - I am pretty sure this was in a previous favorites. If it isn't, it should be. I use this for EVERYTHING: rashes, bug bits, cuts, burns, bruises, dry skin... There are so many uses for this and I love it. Plus it smells delicious.
  • Travel nail clipper - this is a must half. I got this when I was in 3rd grade and I still have it. I am so happy I do because now I never walk around with a bothersome hangnail or a broken nail. Instant fix!
I love this kit because it is all my essentials and I can easily move it from purse to purse. Each person have different needs, so my EDPK will be different from yours. What do you have in your kit? Comment below of some of your purse essentials.

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