Yoga Inspiration - Blogmas Day 10


The physical practice of yoga for me has brought me attentiveness to the parts of my body that I never knew existed. For example, when I breathe in pigeon pose, or eka pada rajakapotasana, I notice my hips more. Yes, it is a hip opener. But when do you notice that you have hips when you are just going about your day? Yoga helps me be more attentive to different parts of my body. I am able to focus on what I feel and what I am thinking.

Besides the physical practice of yoga, yoga has also shed some light in my mind and soul. It has helped me maintain cool and collected when I encounter stressful situations or times of hardships. It is easier for me to let things go. I can get rid of negative feelings and thoughts that no longer serve me. The beauty of yoga is that brings to attention the darkness and negativity but also turns that into light and love.

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