Yoga Inspiration - Blogmas Day 6


Finding yoga is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have learned to love all things. The power of love is so powerful and it can overcome all fears and obstacles and hardships. Finding yoga has made me reconnect with myself. I found love for myself. When you radiate love, you attract beautiful experiences, beautiful people, beautiful everything. Find your yoga. Everyone's connection to yoga is different and that is the beauty of it. Find your love. Teach it. Share it with others. Your heart and openness is your gift to others. Do not judge others because we are all one, we are not separate. Love yourself and all that surrounds you. 

Yoga has truly taught me to love others, love all beings, but most especially, the love for myself. My heart is more open. Yoga has taught me to love, love, love. <3

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Found quote all over Pinterest. It was not credited properly so I cannot find the original.

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