Your Body and Your Soul


I am sure I am not the only one that have existential crises (is that a word?). My aunt recently passed away and I had such a beautiful and open conversation about death with my dad. It went along the lines of the quote "Your body isn't you, your soul is you." Even though we miss her so much, she is always with us. Although her body is no longer on this physical earth, her soul lives on.

Overtime, especially since I have taken up a yoga practice, death seemed not as dark and awful as people think. To me, my body is my vehicle to do good on this physical Earth. I think I have always thought this throughout my life without actually knowing it. Growing up, I didn't have body issues or low self esteem that many girls my age would have gone through. I feel like it is because of this thought. The thought that this body isn't mine to keep. I move on after my physical life. Of course, sometimes I wish my body was different in some way but it usually doesn't last too long.

This thinking has helped my existential crises. Our bodies are our vehicles. Work on your soul, do good, love everyone. People will remember how nice you are to them.

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