While I Am Away


So here we are... it is January, I am leaving on my trip in a few hours and some of you have been wondering what will be happening across my social media while I am away.

Across all my social media: 
  • Overall, my sister, Kyra, and my friend, Amanda will be taking care of all my social media. They will be in charge all of it and making sure everything is running smoothly. 
  •  If I post on any of my social media, they will be in charge of putting an update across all of my other social media.
My Website (this one!)
  • I will have posts scheduled for your enjoyment once a week. They will be recycled posts as I will not be able to upload and promote them. 
  • If I post, I will end it with "<3 Karel (:".  
  • I will have a picture uploaded every three days (ish) to keep this alive.
  • If I post on, you will know it is me if it has something to do with Costa Rica. 
  • I really love Instagram so I will be posting here as much as I can. 
  • I will probably not use this unless I have a quick update for you all. 
  • Again, if I post, I will end it with "<3 Karel (:".  
  • My sister is in charge of of this social media.
  • I have a queue set up but she will make sure there is always something queued.
  • I will most likely not be posting on here since the app is too big for my phone.
  • However, if I post, I will end it with "<3 Karel (:".  
 So there you go, this is what is happening. I am going to be honest, posting is not a priority while I am away. I want to be present in my training and go on a media break. I know I cannot just keep these things just the way it is, which is why I have some help.

Thank you everyone for all your support. I will definitely be posting tons the second I get back from my trip and update you all with what I learned. I hope you all have an amazing and fun January!

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