A Moth Decided to Make My Ear Its Home

Happy New Moon, friends!

It is funny that I am writing this post today because this happened on the past New Moon. Crazy! So I actually journalled about what happened that day. So am going to copy what I wrote that day. This was written on January 20th, unedited. Please keep in mind that this is taken from my personal journal, so I wrote like I am casually talking. Anything that are in [brackets] are my commentary to explain the situation further. Also, this is probably the longest post in ywk.com history.

Evening Sadhana -  new moon ceremony. practiced our own sequence then we would walk to the fire and offer our intentions. I put in the rough draft of my sequence, my intentions paper & a feather.

THEN when we got to savasana & I got up to sit, I felt & heard something in my ear. It's definitely something that has wings because I could feel it flying. Basically, the second class was over I knew I needed to tell someone. I felt like all my senses were going crazy because my hearing and feeling in my right ear were heightened. So I basically had tunnel vision  thought I saw Suzanne [one of the assistant teachers] but it was actually Mandy. I told her & I don't know what happened, I think she went to go find Indira [our teacher] or someone who knows.

I went to go clean up my things, again, tunnel vision to my mat. I tried to get my things together but it kept trying to fly out of my ear and it was so uncomfortable. I put my bolster on the side and magically found Gabi [my roommate] & told her to take my stuff to bring to the room.

 I went back out and Jane [another assistant teacher] had me lay down & she put oil in my ear. It would help get the bugger out when I flip over. Well that didn't work. Then Gabi came & stayed with me. We tried a couple times with the oil. Then we tried water. And that didn't work. Then we tried to suck it out with the syringe and OH.MY.GOSH. that hurt so freaking much. That was made me so upset and cry. So many people (the staff and Gabi) were trying to comfort me. Suzanne even gave me a food massage!

Anyway, we tried water one more time & blood started coming out (pink, not red). That was when Indira said that I have to go to the hospital. I started crying cuz I really didn't want to go. I'm glad Gabi was there to tell me that we needed to go.

So we started to gather our things, like money, passport, snacks & staying warm. We got into a taxi into another city because we needed to switch taxis since Alex [a taxi driver] drives faster. We got into Golfito after an hour and a half. We got admitted inside, then we needed to talk to the office people outside. Then we finally got admitted inside & Jane couldn't come in but Gabi stayed with me. The nurse or doctor was really nice. He was joking around with us. When he looked inside my ear, it was definitely a moth. He took a syringe that looked like

He dropped a numbing thing into my ear first although I still felt a lot of pain. He cleaned out my ear first and there was a lot of blood. I couldn't really see but I knew it was blood water. The second time really hurt but that was when the nasty moth came out along with a blood clot. Gabi got a picture of it. Then he washed out my ear again to get the extra nasties out. He told Gabby that the moth was exasperated and trying to get out of my ear. When the moth was fluttering, it scratched up my ear pretty badly. He told me that I am okay. My hearing and ear drum isn't badly affected. I just need to put antibiotic drops into my right ear 3xs a day.

So I finally got out and I was going to get my papers and ready to pay. They told us that since I am traveling & am under 25, it was free! How crazy is that?! Even my antibiotics was free! When we were waiting for my drops, Gabi asked a nurse if he knew a number for a cab because our original cab driver didn't answer the phone. Apparently the cab driver is the nurse's dad! and he said it will be $100. It is usually $80 but since it was basically 1am it made sense. Then Gabi asked if I could still go into the ocean since my ear is still healing. He (the nurse) went and got us materials to use for my ears when I go to the ocean and when I shower. How helpful!

So we get into the cab & it took almost 2 hours to get back to the studio & we had to climb up the hill We made it safely to our room at around 3:30am. Our roommates were awake - one was feeling sick and the other was really worried about us.

Side note: When I was in the first cab, I was thinking how I am going to think positive and only spend $20. It was true! Because the hospital was free and Jane would only take $20 from me for the cab. ALSO, I am so grateful that Gabi went with us because she was the only one that speaks Spanish and she translated the entire time! 

Well there you have it, my crazy unedited and uncut story of what happened the day a moth decided to make my ear its home.

What is the craziest thing that happened to you when you were traveling?

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