How to Be A Great Yoga Teacher (A Follow Up)


So I wrote a post during Blogmas last year on How to Be A Great Yoga Teacher (My Pre-YTT Perspective) and now I am writing my POST YTT perspective! While I agree with most of them, I wanted to create a new list on what I think makes a great yoga teacher after going to teacher training in January.

  1. If you are going to assist or touch students during class, ask first. I like to ask during a child's pose so it is private. It also gives the student the power.
  2. Acknowledge that every body is different. Give the students the power. Let them know that if something hurts, modify the pose. A teacher cannot possibly keep track of each and every injury and ailment. Giving the students the power to modify poses as needed helps you as a teacher and also helps students be more in tune with their own bodies. 
  3. Honor your own time. Chat with students after class but do not be afraid to stop them if you have somewhere to be. Also, start class on time. Honor your time. 
  4. Know your body parts - say knee when you mean the knee. (I still have to work on this one. It's a lot harder than you think!)
  5. Be clear on where the front of the mat is. Have obvious cues on which direction like the entrance side. 

A lot of these tips are things I personally need to work on or have observed in classes that I liked or even the ones I did not like. But in all honestly, these are things that I already do in my classes that my students like or ones that I need to work on (see 3 to 5). Ha!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week so far. Happy Tuesday!

Image courtesy of Sven Schlager.

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