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Alright, I know it is a little to late for this but I have an excuse! I was at Costa Rica for a month and well... it has been quite the adventure to get back in the swing of things. So today, I have my favorites from this previous month. This is a little different since I was in Costa Rica. Things to keep in mind: 1. I was in the tropics, so lots of bugs and lots of heat. 2. I was traveling. So these were my travel essentials.

Loose flowy tops - I did not pack enough of this! I only had three which was enough for me to cycle through them throughout the weeks (washing and drying took quite a long time though). I loved these because in Costa Rica, you are always sticky and sweaty. These tops just felt so good to the skin.

Essential oils - I brought a few but my two essentials were lavender and peppermint. Peppermint has been a long time favorite. I use it mostly for headaches and if I need to cool down. I found two new ways to use it during my stay. 1. my asthma. I would have to walk up a giant hill to get from town to the studio. I rubbed a drop of peppermint on my chest and it eased my breathing! I have pretty mild asthma but going up this hill made it unbearable. I forgot my EO one day and that was when I realized that peppermint worked for me! 2. stomache aches. I only used this for that a few times.

Lavender essential oil was such a surprise to me and is definitely my new favorite. I used nearly half my bottle! I would use it for soothing my muscles, bruises, sun screen, and as a bug repellant. I brought some coconut oil with me and I would put it in a little condiment dipping dish with 4-5 drops of lavender. I would just rub this all over myself. The few days I didn't put this on, my muscles ached and I got an unusual amount of bug bites. I always used it for bruises and it makes them disappear faster or if I know something is gonna bruise, it makes it not bruise at all! When I went surfing, the board hit my left temple and I knew for sure it would bruise. It already had a giant bump and started getting pink. I put lavender on it as soon as I got the the studio (again, a good 20 min walk up the hil and a 1 hr lunch). I was happy to see that it never even got redder and the bump went down by dinnertime! I now swear by this stuff.

Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Yoga Mat in Seaglass - I ended up getting a travel yoga mat because my other mats were much too bulky. This was perfect because I could fold it up pretty small (like laptop size). I just put it over another yoga mat from the studio whenever I used it. It is pretty grippy and it didn't really move too much. I am very happy with this purchase. The only thing I didn't like is how fast it got dirty. But then again, I used it nearly 4 hours a day for 28 days in the tropics. It was bound to happen.

Osprey Women's Tempest 20 Backpack - I got this as a Christmas present from my dad and I am in love! I never thought I could be in love with a backpack but this one is so amazing! At first, I wasn't too thrilled about the lack of pockets and compartments but this was easily fixed with little cosmetic bags to stay organized. I love love love how light it is! Perfect for going up and down that giant hill full of food and a beach towel and a few journals everyday. One feature I love about this backpack is the back part. It has lots of ventilation so I never feel like I am sweating too crazy (even though I totally was). It keeps your back cool and dry.

Moleskin - I bought this at Target and love it! I journaled and kept track of everything everyday. I would keep track of my day to day activities, expenses, homework and thoughts. I would also flip it, so I write in it the other way for other things I wanted to jot down various lists like my yoga sequences, favorite products, things to research, pictures I need to take, people I met, etc. I was never much a journaler but I definitely am now.

SteriPEN Classic 3 - Luckily, the water where we stayed at in Costa Rica is from a spring. I got this because I didn't know and I still used it. I am convinced that it made my water yummier. It is basically just this stick looking thing with a light bulb at the end. I don't really understand how it works but I still used it everyday!

Sleepmask - what a lifesaver this little thing is! I used it during all my plane rides. It just let the people around me and the stewards and stewardesses know that I am asleep and I don't particularly want to be bothered. I am also pretty sensitive to light and this helped me at night. I used it pretty much everyday. I would always rip it off in the middle of the night because I felt too hot but it helped me fall asleep.

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I am not sponsored or getting to paid to endorse any of the items mentioned above. I bought and used all these items myself and they are truly my favorites for this month. Thank you! 

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