Link Lovin' ❤ #2

One of my goals this year is to post more but without sacrificing quality. That being said, I also wanted to do some fun posts and also some that I have fun writing! One thing I thought of is writing a post every now and then on some of my favorite links of the web. So here you go, the second ever Link Lovin' ❤. (I posted the first one in August - check it out.)

  1.  If you are looking for more inspiration, you have to give Chelsea John at bewellyogagr a follow on Instagram. I love all the things she posts everyday. They are always inspiring and she gives you a challenge everyday. I know Chelsea through yoga teacher training and she is one of the most loving and caring people I know. Check her out!
  2. Article: Yoga Teacher Training Need-To-Know. Want to learn more about yoga teacher trainings? Thought about going but something is still holding you back? Curious to what program to pic? Yoga Journal put together and incredible collection of blog posts about yoga teacher trainings that I found really useful. I actually read them right before I left for my trip to Costa Rica and it has definitely helped me realize that I was on the right path and teacher training is an adventure I truly needed in my life.
  3. Alright, this article/video was posted a while ago (back in October) so if you haven't seen it yet, you definitely should. So in this video, a bunch of second-graders were treated to a $220 seven course meal. I love their reactions!! It brought a smile to my face and makes me wonder... is it worth it to pay for an expensive meal? Hmm...
  4. I read an article about millennials and our generation's work ethic. It is interesting to me because a lot of these things are true about me and a lot of my friends. For example, I'm not afraid to quit if I don't like what I'm doing. People older than me think I am quitting, I simply want to live my life happy and there is no point in wasting my time. Another point I agreed with is #48 "We have passion." I can see the passion in what people are doing in my generation. It makes me so incredibly excited that people are chasing their dreams. It is such an exciting time for all of us right now!
  5. Meet Ashley from AshleyForrerWellness. I actually worked with Ashley when were both in university and I am so happy to read about her life journey. We both actually went to our yoga teacher trainings in Costa Rica at different times and have a passion for healthy living. You have to check out Ashley's website. I love it because she posts a lot of inspiration, motivation, and some fun, yummy, and healthy recipes. I am really enjoying reading her blog and you should definitely check her out.

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