List, List, List! #1

Today's list was once a list that I put on a blank pendulum chart so my little trusty pendulum can help me decide. If you know me, you know that I have a difficult time deciding. I learned about pendulums during my teacher training and I really connected with it. I found out about them prior to the training but I really got to work with them deeply during it. Basically you ask it a question and it helps you decide. (There's more that goes into it but that is pretty much it!)
Anyway, today's list is called Pointlessly On The Internet?  

  1.  journal
  2. yoga
  3. read for fun
  4. internet time
  5. craft
  6. Netflix
  7. relax
  8. paint
  9. read yoga book
  10. eat
  11. CMP
  12. play/train with baby Ziggy
  13. meditate
  14. Duolingo
Basically, whenever I am pointlessly scrolling on Facebook, or liking every picture on Tumblr, or finding things to pin on Pinterest, I go through my little list or have my pendulum decide for me. I still have internet time on there so if I was meant to just pointlessly be on the Internet, I can. Lately I have been working more with my pendulum because whenever it picks for me, I somehow knew that it would pick it. Maybe I will write more about pendulum work but that is all for now.

I hope you enjoy this week's list! I write so many lists throughout the week, I thought it would be fun to feature one every now and then. Thanks for visiting Yoga with Karel.

Comment below on what other fun activities you can do instead of being sucked into the black hole called the internet. :P

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  1. This is so cool! I want to try it some time :) . I like to have a bath, practice Greek, take a nap, cook something, read a magazine/book etc :)

    1. Oh! Those are some great ones. I definitely need to read more. (: