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Hello! Guess what?! I am officially a certified yoga teacher! Whoohoo!!! I have been putting off writing an update about my yoga teacher training but I can only hold it off for so long. Some reasons for me not wanting to write this is because 1) it makes it real that training is over and 2) how can I put my experiences in words that has completely changed my life?! So I am going to try my hardest. I will probably do a series of posts about my experiences or things relating to yoga teacher training.

I was initially scared to leave home but I knew that going to Costa Rica would force me to face my fears and grow. The second I arrived at Pavones Yoga Center, I knew I was going to be okay. I dropped my luggage in my room, which was the hardest thing ever to go up and down a huge hill with two rolly luggage and a backpack. I decided to join a few girls to explore the little town of Pavones before we had dinner. Boy, what a wake up call. Majority of the locals spoke Spanish, all the roads were dirt roads, and I had to climb up the giant hill. I cannot even explain to you how difficult it was to climb the hills. It's one of those you-had-to-be-there situations. And then that night, we had our opening ceremony and introductions!

Training was definitely intensive but I learned more about myself and yoga in such a deep way. I was able to connect with each and every person in my class. I thought of training as life training. It was way more than just learning on how to teach a yoga class. We learned about life, our inner fires, our goals, communication, colistening, breathing, meditation, chanting... gosh, so much! I was never much a journaler but this experience definitely turned me into one. I took so much notes in class and even more about my day.

We had a full schedule, something like this: 5:45am - wake up. 6:15am - morning sadhana (morning practice). 8:30 - breakfast. break. 11am - class (usually philosophy or chanting or meditation). 1pm - lunch. 2pm - class (technique, sequencing, cueing). break. 5:30pm - dinner. 7pm - evening sadhana (usually an asana class but sometimes it was different).

This is our weekday schedule. Our weekends are a bit more free. BUT we had morning sadhana every. single. day. at 6:15am. And I loved it! I had no problems waking up. Some day's were harder than others but I really enjoyed having practice before breakfast.

Speaking of food... Chef Alex cooked our all our meals (except parts of the weekend - he gets the day of to go surfing!). We had the most delicious vegetarian food in the world. Breakfast was always eggs and fruit. Sometimes we will get a rice mix, or beans and tortillas (my fave), or banana pancakes. But lunch and dinner were always different. I am pretty sure he never repeated a single recipe. Each one was always so good. We always kept saying "oh this one is my favorite!". But really, they were all our favorite. He made the most delicious food ever.

Only some of the food we ate! So yummy. Chef Alex is the best!

The people I met are some of the most incredible, genuine, loving, and beautiful people I have ever met in my life. I know that I have made some lifelong friends. Together, we created some positive energy and loving kindness. I feel so honored and humbled to be part of such a strong group. I love them all so much. They say that you fall in love with everyone during teacher training and, gosh, that is so true! I am so grateful for these amazing people in my life. I miss you PYC yoga tribe! Thank you for being the light to my moth (;

Leaving behind the jungles of Costa Rica and its amazing people is one of the hardest things I have done. But I will definitely back sooner or later... but probably sooner. (; Again, this is just little snippets of what I experience during my blissful time in Costa Rica. I could never put into words how I felt during this time. It is something I definitely will hold in my heart.

And now for some pictures!

Curious how pineapples grow? This is how!

Hammock time all the time. This is where I journalled and read my manual everyday.

Our path in the middle of the jungle from the yoga house to the studio.

Our beautiful studio overlooking the ocean.

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  1. What a beautiful location! It sounds like you had a fantastic journey--and a kickstart to a new career as well (: I'm so proud of you for striking out and fulfilling your dreams. Cheers!