Q&A: Yoga Diary and Yoga Brands


Q: I recently wanted to start committing to doing yoga everyday to help cleanse my mind and relax my body. Any tips or advice on staying on track or what got you into yoga? Thank you ❤️  [Alison]

Yay! That is so awesome. Yoga is great for relaxing and cleansing. My advice to you for staying track is to keep a Yoga Diary. I just used a journal I had laying around and I jot down notes on what I did during practice and if there is anything I noticed. You can see more when you click that link!
There is not really one specific thing that got me into yoga. I was introduced to it in high school instead of a typical P.E. class which I loved. Then I got back into it a few years after and I just liked it because it was a movement that I enjoyed that did not hurt my body or make my asthmatic heart feel like it is going to stop. Over time, it truly became a more inward and spiritual practice. I have learned more about myself through my yoga practice. And, my yoga practice is one that I practice on and off the mat. (:

Q: What brands are the best for yoga clothes? What is your favorite brand of yoga mats? [Anon.]
There are so so many yoga brands out there! My top three brands for clothes are: Inner Fire, Lululemon, and Prana. My favorite brand of yoga mat is Manduka. I love a lot of the brands that I try out and just be cause I mentioned a brand doesn't mean it's the only amazing brand. There are a lot of awesome ones out there!!

Q: Do you have anything for beginners? I've been trying to get into the new 2k15 lessons but some of them are too advanced. I'm a little embarrassed about my inabilities so this would help a lot. xo
Yes! Check out all of my Yoga 101 posts and my first Q&A. I talk about beginning yoga and the different ways to start.

Thank you everyone who asked questions! I hope they helped you out. If you have a question, feel free to email or comment on any social media. Make sure you tag yogawithkarel so I can see it!

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