February Favorites

It is time for another favorites! This month, I forgot to write down my favorite products I have been using this month. So I decided to think of a bunch of different categories and found my favorites that way. So here are some products that I loved this month.

Tiny Prints - I used Tiny Prints to make my thank you postcards to the people who donated to my yoga fun. I really love how they turned out! I thought they were going to be bigger but I didn't pay attention to the dimensions, so that is my own fault.

Zoya Nail Polish in Burke - I used this on my toes this month and I am probably go to do them the same color next month because I really love this shade of pink right now! I usually do a print or a glitter or some sort of design but this month I decided to go plain and I really love it.

Mala beads - I got these in Costa Rica but when I get my Etsy shop back up and perfect my mala making skills, I will start selling some. I used this on the plane in January, so it really should have been in that favorites but it wasn't. I have been wearing this whenever I teach yoga. It helps me truly focus and remember my practice during my teacher training. I love to use my mala beads when I am having a difficult time focusing during meditation.

Duolingo - I looovvveeee this app! I have it on my Kindle but you can get it on your phone and use it online. It is basically like Rosetta Stone but free. And I like free! I decided that before I go back to Costa Rica, I really need to learn Spanish. So that is what I am doing right now. It has different levels, and you have to finish segments before going to the next level. During each session, you have 4 lives, and if you get something wrong, you lose a life. You get "money" to buy stuff from their "store." You can buy extra lives or clothing for your person or extra sessions. I just bought the flirting session. Hey, you never know... haha. Duolingo makes it fun to learn. I also like that they show different bars underneath when you finish it. As the bars go lower, you can go back and review it to make it stronger. I try to do it everyday but right now I made a goal to do it every other day. At the beginning of the week, I go back to each level to review what I learned so I don't forget it. I really love this app!

quote journal - I stole this idea from my yoga sister, Gabi (hi Gabi!!!). She had a journal full of quotes that she comes across. You never know when you need a good quote.

Lucas' Papaw Ointment - Another dear yoga sister of mine (hello Bec!) gave me this on the last day because I used hers and fell in love during training! I have been using it so much for basically everything. This is apparently a big thing in Australia. AND I found that Amazon sells it so you know that I will be getting it there when this tube runs out. It is basically like Vaseline but all natural. It is made out of fermented papaya, I believe.

What are you favorite products from this month? 

This post contains affiliate links.
I am not sponsored or getting to paid to endorse any of the items mentioned above. I bought and used all these items myself and they are truly my favorites for this month. Thank you!  
Duolingo Logo courtesy of Google Play.  

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