List, List, List #2

I have a hard time finishing things. It is not because I get bored with it or I do not want to finish it. It is because I have so many things I start and continue that it just takes so freaking long to finish a project. For example, I started a painting that could have taken a week but because I had so many other things I occupied my time with, I finished it in a month.

I am a planner but take a long time to finish. So here is a random list of things I am working on right now.
  • learn Spanish
  • teach yoga
  • yoga extended education
  • baby Ziggy (cleaning, feeding, playing)
  • CMP (tarot, chakras, crystals, astrology, pendulums, flower essences) 
  • Yoga with Karel (website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr)
  • Karelsells (making jewelry, buying materials, packaging, advertising) 
  • Moontime and moon rituals
  • morning and night routines
  • crafts and DIY
  • gardening (being a good plant mom and not kill anything)
  • veg cooking 
  • health (meal planning, cooking, running, working out, etc)
  • FUN! (Sims, being a blob & laying in bed, soaking up the sun, singing) 

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