The Sister Tag

Guess what?! MY SISTER IS HOME FOR SPRING BREAK! The last time I saw her was Christmas and I barely got to hang out with her then because she worked. ): So I am superrrr excited to hang out with her all week! I even took a day off work just to hang out with her. Whoohoo!! 

So here is my sister. She is two years younger than me. Today, we decided that it would be fun to do the sister tag together! Here we goooo.... (:

How old are you both?
Kyra: 21
Karel: Almost 24. Eek!

Describe each other in one word?
Kyra: Yoga.
Karel: Disney.

Do people ever get you mixed up?
Kyra: teehee. yeah.
Karel: Yeah. People who know both of us sometimes interchange our name. I once had a conversation by a distant mutual friend and he called my Kyra the entire time. I didn't have the heart to correct him. haha.

What are your sister known for? What is their "thing"?
Kyra: Hahha. Yoga. Healthy living! Energy!
Karel: Ky is a tea addict. It is known.

Do you ever argue?
Kyra: *laughs*
Karel: We used to when we lived together. Now that we only see each other like 5-6 times a year, we don't argue as much. We occasionally do but not often.

What's the best thing about one another?
Kyra: She's potty trained.
Karel: We like pretty similar things. We are the same size in clothes and shoes so shopping and swapping is easy.
(We obviously took this question in total different directions)

Fave inside joke?
Kyra: Can't think of one.
Karel: "I'm so gangsta, I'm so thug!" part in the song. (;

Fave memory together?
Kyra: When we would always watch Full House together after school even though we weren't allowed.
Karel: Disneyland for Ky's 21st birthday.

Guess each others fave singer?
Kyra: Hm... who do you like? I go way back. The Format (nope, I actually don't have a favorite singer)
Karel: McFly? (Ha, yea)

Who takes longer to get ready
Kyra: Ha! You.
Karel: Me.

Heels or flats?

Kyra: Heels.
Karel: Me too.

Pants or dresses?

Kyra: Now, dresses.
Karel: I like dresses but I basically live in yoga pants.

Favorite animal?

Kyra: Manatees. They're ocean potatoes.
Karel: Bahaha, okay my answer isn't that cool. I love elephants.

If your house was burning down, and your entire family was sure to be okay, what would you save and why?
Kyra: My mugs, because they are so freaking cute.
Karel: If I had my emergency kit all ready to go, that. But since it's not, I would pick my computer cuz it contains my entire life. Oh, or my old journals. Ah! Such a hard one. or honestly, fuzzy socks. 

Comedy, horror, or chick-flick?
Kyra: Comedy.
Karel: Me too!

Blackberry or iPhone?

Kyra: uhhhmm.... idk about you but I am gonna go for Nokia.
Karel: She lies. iPhone. We are an Apple family.

Favorite movie?
Kyra: Lilo & Stitch.
Karel: I don't think I have a favorite but one that I watch over and over again is The Holiday.

What is something weird that you eat?
Kyra: Balut.
Karel: I can't think of one thing right now but when I was younger, I would eat my mac and cheese with peanut butter. I think it is so gross now.

Do you guys have anything matching?
Kyra: Uhm, we should?
Karel: Yeah, we have tons of matching stuff. I got us both matching slippers for Christmas. We have matching sweaters from our mom. Idk, I feel like we have a lot of matching stuff. Oh! We have matching Disney sweatshirts.

What's your favorite TV show?
Kyra: Merlin. Dr Who. Shelock. Gilmore Girls. Good Eats. Community. In The Flesh. Royal Pains.
Karel: Gilmore Girls. Friends. How I Met Your Mother. You can tell who watches more tv between the both of us...

Us at Disney, always. (:

In our natural uniform of course. Me in yoga clothes and her in her Disney costume (she works for Disney!!)
 I hope you enjoyed today's fun little introduction to my little sister! Hope you are all having a lovely week so far! (: Lots and lots of love and light. <3

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