Blissed Out Sundays

One of my favorite days in the week is Sunday. It is a day I set aside for myself to truly reflect on my week and take time to rejuvenate and relax. I believe that taking time for yourself is crucial. Whether it be a full day, a couple hours, or even 10 minutes. Take time to take a breather and do something for you. We are always so busy throughout our weeks that we often forget our own well being. I challenge you to stop what you are doing and do something that makes you truly happy.
On Sunday, I take my time to create intentions for my week and relax. I start my day off with yoga (either teaching yoga or practicing yoga). I often spend the next couple hours socializing with friends or getting lunch with family. Whatever it is, I make the effort to be social as it is so easy for me to lock myself up in my bedroom and be an introvert. Cultivating positive relationships is really important. After I have had a healthy meal (and of course had a green juice), I go outside.

Current outside set up (:

My outside essentials include:
  • a billion blankets cushioned with yoga mats underneath for a comfortable laying area
  • drink of choice (green juice, iced tea, water, kombucha!)
  • bluetooth speakers for some relaxing and fun music
  • laptop for blog writing or watching YouTube videos
  • my big bag of stuff (more on this later? It is filled with planners and notebooks and projects I am currently working on)
  • bikini and coconut oil for getting that daily dose of vitamin D (which I am apparently deficient in...) 
  • phone 
  • candle, incense, essential oils for creating a mindful space (plus it smells good! usually at night I have citronella burning to keep the mosquitos away)
  • christmas lights only for night time to have ambient lighting that is dim enough to create a calming space but bright enough if I need to read or write something. 
I usually proceed to stay outside until it gets dark. I am out here between the hours of 2pm to 8pm. I do what I need to do outside. Sometimes I even bring baby Ziggy in his travel cage so he can get some sun. Other times, my parents join me and we have dinner outside. This time is truly for myself. It is my time to reflect and work on the things I want to do. Once it gets too dark, I head inside and clean my room. By Sunday, my room gets crazy messy and I take the time to reorganize and put my clothes away.

Sunday is my day to reset and bliss out. The sun has been out the last couple weeks which motivates me to head outside. I encourage you to find time in your busy schedule to reset yourself and get outside and relax.

Happy New Moon, friends! Enjoy the outside today.

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