Q&A: Intro, Pains, and Mother Nature


Q: I was wondering how you started doing yoga. I checked into classes at the gym I belong to and they only have advanced classes at this time and I checked other places and it's super expensive especially for something I've never tried therefore I don't know if I like it enough to spend that money. [From ]
A: I started doing yoga in high school. I chose yoga as my P.E. class. Yoga at studios can definitely be expensive. Check out your local yoga studios and see if they have new student specials. I went to one where it was $29 for a month. I went to 5 classes a week and felt like I definitely got my money's worth in two classes. Studio hop when you can! Also check out your city's community center and your local gym might have intro classes too! OR you can enroll at your local junior college, they usually have yoga classes too. In my experience, a class at the JC is $100 for the entire semester. If paying any amount is not in your budget, check out YouTube. There are tons of free yoga classes online. (:

Q: Hi there! I want to get into yoga really bad, but when i try i get so frustrated. It hurts, not in a good way, like when i hold the pose everything is stressed and shaking. And it doesnt relax me mentally, i just get so upset. I feel like I'm doing something wrong. I can't even do a warrior without my blood boiling. I sweat more trying yoga than i do during my normal workout. Have you ever had this problem? What do i do? I want to do this so badly, it looks so fun. Thanks for listening! <3 [From ]
A: If it hurts, do not continue. There is a difference between stretching and shooting pains. If it hurts stop. You have to ease yourself in. I do not know your body more than you do so I can only tell you from my experience. When this happens to me in some poses, it is because I have never used my body in that way before. For example, in splits, you have to really have open hips. You cannot force yourself in the pose or you can really injure yourself. Ease yourself in and don't get frustrated. It is just the start and you will only get better! Check out an intro to yoga class if you can and talk to a yoga teacher. I wish you the best in your yoga journey. I am so excited to see your progress. (:

 Q: What inspired you to get into yoga and want to connect more to the earth? [From dopehippievibes]
A: I started practicing yoga in high school. I got back into it because I was really unhealthy in college. It became more of life practice than a work out for me. I got addicted to the relaxation and the yoga high. I loved it! I just kept practicing and saw my progress. It was something I felt like I was good at and that I felt that I can really stick with.
I was honestly not that connected to the Earth. Nature used to freak me out because of the bugs and animals. I started to do my research when I became vegetarian and then decided that I wanted to life a more sustainable life. The Earth became more important to me over time. When I went to yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, there was a heavy emphasis on honoring and being kind to the Earth. I truly embraced Mother Nature while I was in Costa Rica. It is hard not to! It is so beautiful waking up to the howler monkeys and your bedroom overlooking the Pacific ocean with the door coming out to the lush jungle. I have dedicated my life honoring nature and Mother Earth. I honor the moon, and it's cycles. It is interesting to see how those cycles truly correlate to my daily life and my energy. Being connected to nature was not something that came naturally to me. But as my relationship with Mother Nature flourished, I find myself more peaceful. #zenlife (; 

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