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Prosperity Pie by Sark
204 pages
Publisher:Simon & Schuster
Source: Bought

First Impressions: I have always seen Sark's books in used bookstores. I always love flipping through them because the pages are all handwritten and super colorful. I finally decided to pick up my own Sark book. I remember specifically liking this one because is 1) there is glitter on the cover and 2) the cover says "How to Relax About Money and Everything Else". How fitting in my life!

Below are my random thoughts and notes about this book.  (:
We are not alone. We are enough.
We must work with our darkness in order to embrace the light.
What we do do not define us.
Exploring our inner selves to "increase our feelings of enoughness" (p44).
Our inner voice dictates our waking life. We must change the negative talk to ourselves in order to live a happy life. We should not ignore the negative situations but rather embrace them as challenges and understand that we need it to grow and embrace the positivity in our lives.
We need to notice our feelings and accept that it happens to everyone. We can embrace our challenges and move forward.

Self love is crucial to loving another. Acknowledging gratitude helps love flow.

"We are all in the process of discovery and recovery."

One of my favorite quotes from this book.
 This book got me pretty emotional... as in feeling many emotions as I continued reading. I felt at peace that she validated what I already knew, I felt relieved that she explained what I didn't know. Most of all, I read this book with an open heart. It helped me understand myself and what I needed and didn't need in my life. The inspiration chapter was so refreshing because I realized that I am inspired by everything around me from the weather to the sounds to the stillness of the objects sitting on my nightstand. I really enjoyed this book. I love that she includes many books for you to read further if you wanted to know more on a specific topic.

Prosperity Pie is my current favorite book. I loved every page and the messages Susan brings in her book. I love that the entire book is handwritten. Because of that, it has a more intimate feel, like she is just a friend or a close teacher speaking to me about her journey through life.

I highly recommend this book. I definitely plan on picking up SARK's books in the future. I know she has written many, all with the handwritten and colorful style. If you get the chance, definitely pick up one of her books. I always see them in the psychology/self help (should be renamed as self exploration) section of used bookstores.

Another wonderful one. I think I might scan this and frame it to put on my wall.

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Courtesy of Prosperity Pie by Sark

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