March/April Favorites

I decided to combine March and April's favorites because there were not a lot of things I remember using in March! Oops. Here are some of my favorite products and people!

The Mason Bar Company Caps - I have wanted mason jar caps that turn my jars into tumblers for a long time. I like them because 1) I use what I already have 2) BPA free container because it is class and 3) drinking through a straw makes me drink more water. I finally got my caps in the mail and I am so excited about it still! I use them everyday. I got them in Moneypenny, Mint, and Bamboo. I have been bringing juices and iced tea to work everyday and I always have one in a tumbler so I can sip and another one stored so when I finish, I can switch.

Foldable Beach Blanket - I got this for my birthday along with the next item. My parents know that I like to hang outside all the time. I really love this blanket because it is so compact and light and it is washable. I love taking it outside at the park or even in my backyard. I even use it underneath my yoga mat in the park! It is so handy. (P.S. The one I linked isn't the one I received, it is similar.)

Sony Bluetooth Wireless Speakers - My parents had this great idea to get me wireless speakers for my birthday because I have been using my phone in a bowl to amplify music. I looovveeee this little speaker! It is so small but the sound is so good. I am able to use with all of my devices with it (my iPhone, my laptop, even my Kindle!).

Coconut Oil - I don't even know how many times coconut oil have been on my favorites but I have been loving it these past two months! Previously, I went back to traditional lotion and realized how dry my skin has gotten. Then I realize that all the lotions I have been using have alcohol in it and it was advertised as natural! Eeek! So I went back to putting coconut oil on all the time especially when I know I am going to spend time in the sun.

The Voice - My current favorite TV show is the Voice. I rarely watch TV but this show is so fun! The judges are hilarious and the talent is amazing. I like this show more than other singing shows because it is truly about the person's ability to sing and perform. The beginning is having blind auditions so the judges are truly judging the person based on their voice. It is a great concept and I really enjoy watching it. It is also a time that my family and I sit down and enjoy something together. 

Happy Kombucha by David's Tea - I am loving this tea right now. I have been obsessed with making iced teas everyday and this tea is my favorite to make. I love that when I finish the tea and add water to my jar, the leftover flavor from the tea makes my water taste like candy. I love the taste so much but I honestly love the smell even more! I think if  I were a tea, I would be Happy Kombucha. Its description is peace and love (ME!) and it has it is "combined it with oolong, mango, pineapple and safflowers to make it taste like a golden ray of psychedelic sunshine". Ooooh yeah. 

Hannah Maggs - My current favorite YouTuber right now is Hannah and her adorable family. In previous favorites I have mentioned how much I am loving vloggers. I don't know what it is about watching somebody's day to day life but I like it. I love her videos! They are so beautifully edited (by her husband) and the music is always lovely that I find myself adding them to my Spotify. I like to put her videos on in the background or when I want to sit and veg. No matter, I love this lovely lady and her beautiful videos. She inspires me to write more on my blog. (:

This post contains affiliate links.
I am not sponsored or getting to paid to endorse any of the items mentioned above. I bought and used all these items myself and they are truly my favorites for this month. Thank you! 

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