Tagline Explained: Self Exploration Through Yoga

This website has been quite the amazing journey.  It has taken me quite a while to figure out what I wanted in this blog and I have stumbled upon what I wanted this blog to be on accident while reading a book. I realized that I live life through self exploration. I love projects, meditations, workshops, activities and books that let me explore more about myself. For me, yoga is just that.

Throughout my blogging journey, I discovered that I wanted to post more on lifestyle than solely the physical aspect of yoga. I started by posting about asanas, the yoga postures, then transitioning into my personal life, what is going on and what I am liking at that moment. Yoga to me has always been something more than the physical.

Completing teacher training this past January has confirmed that yoga is my lifestyle. Through my blog, I want to share my self exploration through yoga and maybe it can help some people! I have always loved psychology and exploration of the self. I took a class in college called "Inner Geographies" where each of us would explore our own lives and connect it to physical geographies. Here is an example of my personal compass - the things that drive me and motivate me to find my true direction in life.

This is just a little glimpse of some of the larger projects I want to share on here. I think it is a way to create but also learn more about myself as we dive deeper into our consciousness.

While a physical yoga practice is part of my life, I find that yoga is all encompassing. I bring the teachings of yoga in my life everyday. It has taught me so much about myself and I continue to learn more. I am a life long learner and this blog is about the self exploration through yoga and I invite you all on this journey with me.

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