Bookshelf: El Deafo by Cece Belle


El Deafo by Cece Belle
233 pages.
Publisher: Amulet
Source: Borrowed

A little preview for you!
I am so excited to be writing about this book. It came unexpectedly. I work at an after school program and I saw this book sitting next to one of my fifth graders. I asked her if I could look through it. I flipped through and to my surprise, it is a graphic novel and every single page is in color! I did not grow up reading graphic novels so this was a surprise for me. How exciting! She let me read the first few pages and absolutely fell in love with it. I asked my fifth grader where she got the book. She is part of a lunch time book club and the PTA donates a box of books of their choosing that they get to keep. I am so surprised and super grateful that this books exist and is being exposed to kids! And here is why...

El Deafo is about Cece Bell's childhood and what her life is like with her new-found superpower: losing her hearing. She takes us through her journey of starting a new school, making new friends, struggles with others who do not know how to act around her, school life, and most especially her superpower.

This is clearly written for a young audience but I believe it is for all ages. Read it to your young ones, read it yourself! This is a wonderful book to understand what it's like for a child growing up without her hearing.

I really love this book. I did a project in my undergrad where we had to find diverse books for children. It was a difficult project! One thing that I especially had a hard time is including (dis)abilities. El Deafo is one for my collection. One day, when I have my own little mini-me, he or she will have a bookshelf full of diverse books. I finished this book in a day, it was such an easy read. It made my heart melt; it made me laugh & cry. Thank you Ms. Librarian for exposing your students with this wonderful book and trusting me with a copy to read.

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Courtesy of the wonderful Librarian who trusted me with this book at the school I currently work at. (: Thank you.

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