Full Moon Thoughts


 I decided that I want to write. Just before, a song came on and I saw a moon post on my Facebook which urged me to sit and meditate. While it is not a long meditation, it was quite an important one.

As I sat, I noticed my breath feeling shallow and feelings welling up inside me try to come out and tell me something. I just payed attention and stayed present.

The biggest thing that came up in my meditation tonight were the words "who is important to me?" and "keep your tribe close." Thinking about that, I noticed how much of a strong foundation I have in my friendships. I am lucky to have wonderful friends that support me and urge me to do my best.

As I read MysticMama's astral insights for tonight's full moon, the following words jumped out at me... "allow for time away from pressure of figuring things out and simply be in stillness." Lately, I have been doing just that: trying to figure things out. But in the end, the biggest reminder I need to practice is to stay present and just be.

At this moment, take a moment to just be. Notice the sounds, the sights, the feelings that well up deep inside you. For five minutes, be present.

Courtesy of my personal journal. 
Blair Fraser for the picture.

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