New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon was this past Wednesday and it has been a powerful one. From the videos of guides I have been watching, it seems like the next couple months will be difficult. But it is okay because we have the tools and the strength to pull through.
I have received a few messages for my own life and have turned those messages into my personal New Moon intentions. This month I need to focus on being patient. Patience is something I have very little of but noticing the anxiety in my body when I am feeling impatient is interesting to observe. I have been feeling out how my emotions move and flow.

I would love to share my other messages but they are far too personal to share here. All in all, my soul needs honesty and I need to let go. It seems like something I get every moon cycle - letting go.

My New Moon Intentions & Goals
  • Be patient
  • Get back into a yoga routine
  • Learn something new
  • Read

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