The Weekend to Reset

Last week, one of my kids at work got me terribly sick. It has been quite a while since I have got ill and this was pretty bad. I had terrible congestion and my throat was scratchy. The worst was having no energy and having an almost fever the night before I had to go to a field trip. So I took this weekend to reset and give my body some love. I have been doing my CMP program and had cloudy tarot readings and pendulum answers. It has been quite difficult when my intuition is all blocked from this sickness. So I did something about it.

Saturday, I slept for about 12 hours - something I desperately needed especially with the lack of sleep the past few days. I wrote a blog post, ate food, chilled out, laid in bed, then went out for a bit with my parents. Being out running errands and being around people took a toll on my body and I realized I needed to take the weekend reflecting and being on my own. That night, I decided to create a moon intention frame. I did not have a frame that I liked, so I upscaled one that I already had using washi tape. I put some black glitter paper inside and used a neon whiteboard marker to write my moon intentions. This moon corner is now my favorite part of my room!

Sunday, I tried to sleep in but of course my mom tried to wake me up to go on a walk with her. I stayed in and took my time to get ready. I put on an outfit that really called to me and it is now my favorite. I threw my work training binder in a backpack, along with my Kindle, speakers, tarot cards, spiritual journal, and incense and headed over to a local park.

Being out in nature really helps me reset and clear my head. I spent my time there to meditate and play with my cards or in some handstands. It was nice to get away from my usual space and away from others. Sometimes, all I need is to spend time with myself. And that's okay. (:

Child of the Universe Tank Top by GrizzyLove
Compass Necklace by House of MetalWorks
Om Necklace by Meadow Collective
 Handmade Mala beads from a wonderful being in Pavones, Costa Rica <3

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