YWK: On Saying I Love You


I hear an argument all the time that people throw the world "love" around like it is confetti. When I am among friends, I tell them I love them. I tell my mom a hundred times a day that I love her. I tell my sister, my dad, my cousins, my best friends. I will almost always say "I love you." And I mean it.

Back in October, I lost my beautiful aunt to cancer. She is radiant, always positive, always smiling. She is everyone's favorite. I kept thinking, "What was my last encounter with her?" I do not remember what happened or what was said but I do remember this... The last words I told her was "I love you." I hold this memory so close to my heart. Ever since I realized this, I have been telling everyone I love them. I want to spread the love. I really want to show people how much they mean in my life. So the next time you hear me tell you I love you, I truly mean it.

You are a wonderful being that has been blessed to live a physical life upon this beautiful Earth. You are moving mountains in people's lives. You are making a difference in this world with every decision, word, and movement you make. Spread your love like it is confetti. Tell people you appreciate them. Hold your loved ones close to your heart and express your love to everyone you meet. Be loving. Be grateful. Just. Be.

I love you, my beautiful friends. <3

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